Sauvage Back to the Roots with Paleo Food

Wednesday, June 05 2013

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Pflügerstrasse 25
12047 Berlin-Neukölln
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+49 30 531 675 47

I had tried the weekend breakfast at Sauvage and was so convinced that I've been putting myself to the Paleo diet test ever since. Which means no sugar, no wheat, no dairy, instead you're taking in heaps of protein through high quality meats, fish and eggs, and of course lots of fresh produce, healthy fats, herbs and spices. My second visit to this exceptional restaurant last night was proof that adherence to the Paleo diet does not necessarily mean sacrifice of pleasure. Actually, it's the exact opposite!

Outside, dusk was falling and that special atmosphere inside the Sauvage resembled that of a Stone Age cave, lit by countless candles and filled with the scent of field flowers. The friendly waiter explained once more the particularities of the paleolithic cuisine and told us about the current menu. We were quick to decide since we had already been hungry upon entering.

For starters, we chose avocado scallops with lime pearls and wild herbs and, as entrées, we expected roasted quails with bacon, ground beef and chicory in a poultry gravy as well as zucchini pappardelle with tomato pesto and walnuts.


All three dishes were arranged beautifully and whetted our appetite for these new tastes and odors. Our tastebuds take a field trip. Every ingredient is distinct in taste and look. It all makes it a true pleasure to eat! My friend and I agree unanimously that this is the kind of restaurant we have been waiting for. A place where you can indulge in the best kind of food and feel good about actually eating healthy, all at the same time. That is how it should always be!

The ingredients are all selected diligently and make up a tasteful assortment of noticeable high quality. The meat, for example, comes exclusively from grass-fed, free-range animals. The fact that Paleo cuisine leaves out many otherwise widely used ingredients results in completely new, oftentimes more intense combinations and actual taste explosions. And even without sugar, you will still get your dessert!

We were overwhelmed by the Paleo sticky toffee pudding with coco palm flowers and the Paleo tiger nut crumble with pistachios on pears and strawberries. Excellence! Simply put, the Sauvage is fantastic and I can't wait for my next visit.

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Sauvage – Back to the Roots with Paleo Food
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