Salumeria Rosa The finest delicacies to share

Tuesday, October 05 2021

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Monday - Friday: noon - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 10:00pm


Salumeria Rosa
Neue Kantstraße 25
14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 83217841

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If you love food as much as we do, you'll understand that there's nothing more sensual than sitting together with friends or colleagues without any time pressure, sampling a wide variety of delicacies and discussing their flavors - at Salumeria Rosa at Neue Kantstraße 25 in Charlottenburg, we feasted our way through the refined menu for you. 

Owner Duc Anh Tran and his partner Rosa opened Salumeria Rosa in 2014 originally as a delicatessen - at that time still with bar tables - after both had previously lived in Vietnam for two years on the occasion of a hotel opening. The hotel specialist from Hyatt, who was born in Vietnam but grew up in Charlottenburg district, wanted a little more peace and free time after more than ten years in the hotel business and "living out of a suitcase".

A great fortune for us, as Salumeria Rosa is located just around the corner from our office, which is why we regularly enjoy lunch there. But the small corner restaurant also has a lot to offer in the evening: With the Insalata di Pulpo, even some vegetarians might go weak. The octopus meat in delicate shades of pink and purple tastes finely balanced with fennel, celery, olives, cherry tomatoes and coriander. The portion is perfect for sharing.

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We were also amazed by the char along with kohlrabi, miso and blackberry. What is remarkable here is the processing of the kohlrabi, which comes as a salad, cream and oil. Meat lovers:inside won't be able to avoid ordering the beef tenderloin carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise. Be sure to try the ox cheeks - so soft they will melt in your mouth - with the potato-truffle puree and champagne foam.

Meatless, on the other hand, is the burrata, on a bed of vineyard peaches, saffron and chamomile, garnished with watercress. Of course, the other vegetarian dishes, such as the cheese platter with plum chutney or wild broccoli with mascarpone, parmesan and nut butter, also promise real treats.

In addition to the crème brûlée with tonka beans and vineyard peach jam, we were especially delighted with the limoncello parfait in gold (!) with citrus and thyme. Although rather off the beaten track of Charlottenburg's bustling hot spots, Salumeria Rosa has become a hot spot for gourmets in no time - how good that our office is so close. 

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Salumeria Rosa – The finest delicacies to share
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