Nauta Peru and Japan with a Dash of Amazon

Wednesday, June 28 2017

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Tuesday to Saturday: 18.30 - 22.00


Nauta Berlin
Kastanienallee 49
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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"Pisco Bar & Nikkei Cuisine", it reads on the website of Peruvian restaurant Nauta. The Nikkei cuisine, according to head chef Juan Danilo, is an independent Peruvian cuisine influenced by Japanese immigrants, here in Nauta drawing inspiration from the Amazon region as well.

There’s nothing else like it in Germany, and this style of cooking is a real novelty. Health and nutrition are also very important to him, which is why none of his dishes contain gluten or processed sugar, and milk products are rarely used.

The son of a native Berlin woman and Peruvian man has been in Berlin himself for eleven years. He’s previously worked at stations in Sudaka in Schöneberg, Dae Mon, and Tausend Cantina. His nanny was from the Amazon and first taught him how to cook.

With colourful tiles, plenty of light wood, and countless interwoven ribbons, designer Felix Pahnke gave Nauta a modern look and created a cosy space to enjoy long social evenings. The aromas from the open kitchen, where a Mexican and another Peruvian work alongside Danilo, whet our appetite and allow glimpses into the creation of the incredible dishes.

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We can’t get enough of the three kinds of algae with lime and daikon-cress as our amuse-bouche, the salmon sashimi with avocado, cucumber, coriander, ginger, and jalapeño, and the ceviche of passionfruit-marinated salmon with raspberries, mango, and sweet potato crisps as our appetiser.

Danilo plays with textures, prepares ingredients we’ve never heard of, and pours so much passion into his creations that they become true culinary experiences. Acidity and spice add fine accents, and the unknown draws our attention. We want more!

A beef tartar over daikon marinated in sesame oil, shochu, and sake, as well as quite possibly the best octopus I’ve ever had are a nice continuation. The latter was cooked for three and a half hours and I’m awestruck by the perfect consistency.

Because dessert at Nauta is also flour- and sugar-free, we’re persuaded to try the "Sweet Corn", a fluffy Peruvian corncake with Thai basil, white chocolate, and purple corn sorbet, as well as the "Peruvian Lux Coco" with amaranth berry ceviche and coriander-passionfruit ice cream. — Not a single regret!

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