Rotisserie Weingrün Salmon on Fire

Thursday, June 27 2013

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Monday till Saturday: 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm


Rotisserie Weingrün
Gertraudenstraße 10-12
10178 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 2062 1900

It was a hot Monday in June that we decided to sit down near Nikolaiviertel at Rotisserie Weingrün. All tables were taken, except for our reserved one. Of course we took the seats outside, even though I preferred the atmosphere inside. Rest assured that I will return on a rainy day…

We got started with an aperitif in the sun. The lack of gin led to grappa. Hard to take on an empty stomach, but the flavor smoothened it out. And fortunately it came alongside a tiny bowl of olives in rosemary-olive oil as well as fromage blanc with herbs and fresh crunchy bread.

The waiter got us the menu, took time to explain and recommend and finished mentioning the appetizers ‘Beef Tomato Variations’ and ‘Octopus Salad’ , as well as the entrées ‘US-Beef Burger with Taleggio and crunchy Pancetta’ and ‘Smoked Finnish Salmon on a Wooden Board’. I was tempted to go for their specialty grilled chicken, but I finally went with the salmon.

Shortly after, the tomato course arrived: a carpaccio of beef tomato, a cherry tomato tarte and a tomato sorbet. I got grilled octopus and  potatoes with saffron on a green salad with celery and tomato. While I was sceptical at first, I devoured it with the biggest pleasure imaginable.


After a quick break, we were handed beef and fish. The salmon was nailed to a wooden board, dashed and flambéed with cognac. Unfortunately, the warm summer breeze kept the process from really kicking in. On the side I had deliciously crisp vegetables and potatoes with rosemary.

About that burger… it’s its first day on the menu and it’s looking good. The only flaw is the salad laying underneath the meat patty, which is a whole things to itself among burger lovers. The tomato sauce and the avocado-lime-mayo are well-seasoned and rich in flavor. The Taleggio and the crunchy pancetta are the icing on the cake. The potato wedges alone are a bit of a disappointment, too much salt, too many spices - but we were promised the kitchen would reconsider their seasoning.

The meat? Perfect. We were at a rotisserie - if the meat’s not perfect here, where else would it be? I could see the joy on my friend’s face, who didn’t leave one bite behind. And to those who love grilled goods as much as I do, you’ll find what you’re looking for!

German Text Constanze Hallensleben

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