Osman's Töchter Turkish Cuisine with Heart and Soul

Tuesday, November 18 2014

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Monday - Saturday: 5.30 pm - midnight
Sunday: Day off
Holidays: 5.00 pm - midnight


Osmans Töchter
Pappelallee 15
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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+49 (0)172 / 274 46 62

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Countless little details give proof of the thoughtfulness that's gone into putting this space together. An old carpet adorns the wall in the back of Osmans Töchter, painted and worked on by an artist from UdK to make it appear like an antique wall painting from further away. The overhead lights are made from canning jars with lacey imprints, immediately reminding me of Berlin label Rita in Palma's haute couture crochet works.

The kitchen and counter tiles have been brought in from the Netherlands and are a made up of 13 shades of white. Before being applied to the wall, they were put together in all variations to examine their look throughout the changing incidence of daylight. The Mediterranean feel of the colored tables and benches along the wall, complete with an abundance of finely crocheted cushions, make for an interesting sight when put together with big rustic wooden tables.

Until this day, I could not imagine that Turkish cuisine, far away from your usual bulgur, börek and dolma dishes, could be that good. And it's not like they don't offer those commonly known specialties here, but they've got absolutely nothign to do with those you get at your weekly market. Ever since the opening, the kitchen at Osman's Töchter, German for Osman's daughers, has been continuously trying out new dishes and improving existing ones.

Osmans Töchter Türkisches Restaurant Berlin verschiedene Speisen
Osmans Töchter Restaurant Berlin Türkische Speisen
Osmans Töchter Türkisches Restaurant Berlin Gerichte
Osmans Töchter Türkische Küche Berlin Restaurant
Osmans Töchter Türkische Küche Berlin Gastraum
Osmans Töchter Türkische Küche Berlin Tische
Osmans Töchter Türkische Küche Berlin Interieur
Osmans Töchter Türkische Küche Berlin Einrichung

We were lucky enough to be able to try out a whole bunch of appetizers, which were all unfailingly good. Not too mild, not too spicy. Heaps of rich olive oil and a delicate tartness. And those pastes, too, seasoned to perfection and a true joy to my dinner companion devouring them on little chunks of homemade flatbread.

Marinated lamb chops on rice, and baked red mullet on warm oriental potato salad are the next step of our dinner experience, and what a good step that was! And so were the closing courses: traditional Turkish semolina cake with nuts and a yogurt mousse with tomato preserve. Fantastic. Of course we had to finish on a cup of mocca and fresh mint tea – how good was that!

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