Magic John's Authentic New York Pizza Slices

Tuesday, July 20 2021

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: Noon - 11.00cpm
Saturday to Sunday: 4.00 pm - 11.00 pm


Magic John's
Oranienburger Strasse 48
10117 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 915 707 00

One thing first: New York pizza is something quite different from its Italian sister. We know it mainly from series set in New York. There is always someone standing in front of the door with a big pizza box. In New York, pizza is something that is shared. Jon wanted to bring this feeling of pizza as a "happy place" to his adopted home of Berlin.

That's why Magic John's in Mitte district now offers real New York pizza slices and pizza pies that are easily enough for three people. Soul music blares from the speakers, the pizza pies are on display and you do indeed feel a bit like you're in a pizza place in the "City that never sleeps".

Since Jon, himself an expat from Brooklyn, opened Magic John's rather quickly at the beginning of March, you can definitely see the improvisation - but that only adds to the charm. More important is the product, which Jon worked on for five years - effort that you can taste!

Magic John's offers a choice of six varieties, including the NY Favourite Pepperoni - which of course stands for salami here - but also a vegan version with butternut squash. There is also a small selection of organic sodas and craft beers from small breweries. The food is eaten with the hands, of course.

By the way, Magic John's made it into our Top 10 pizza list in Berlin. 

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Magic John’s – Authentic New York Pizza Slices
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