Nola Fried Chicken Homemade soul food at its best

Wednesday, November 30 2022

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Nola Fried Chicken
Torstraße 173
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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Sure, fried food may not be the healthiest option the food pyramid has to offer. But let's be honest: you can indulge your craving for crust every now and then. Especially when fried chicken is as crispy and delicious as it is at Nola in Berlin Mitte. Inspired by US Southern cuisine, the finest fried chicken and other soul food delicacies are served here on Torstraße. 

If you're a little familiar with the southern U.S., then you know what Nola stands for: New Orleans is a true melting pot. It may not be the only place where people love to eat breaded chicken, but they boast that they make the best fried chicken here. Well, at Berlin's Nola, the breading is wonderfully crispy and the inside deliciously juicy - just as it should be.

The quality is probably also because only slow-raised, corn-fed free-range chickens, so-called "Kikok" chickens, are used here. True to Southern recipe, these are marinated in buttermilk and a homemade Cajun spice blend for at least 24 hours before being cooked in peanut oil to their crispy, tender perfection. The Original Louisiana Hot Sauce really is just the perfect accompaniment. 

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By the way, the spicy version of Classic Wings called Nashville Hot should be taken seriously. They are marinated with hot sauce in the Nashville tradition, which means that after eating them, we are reminded of those cartoons who have fire shooting out of their mouths after eating spicy food. Dangerously good. But against the fire in the mouth, of course, the Nola offers a reliable remedy: a delicious chocolate milkshake! Even vegan, and just like everything else, homemade.

For those who want it less sumptuous, the drinks menu includes some natural wines and other exciting wine stories. On the other hand, you might want more of a soft drink for Sunday afternoon, and here too, we are pleasantly surprised: there are jarritos! If you don't know these delicious Mexican softs in many bright colours yet, you shouldn't miss them.

We also find the chicken sandwich wonderfully simple and equally delicious, with a crispy deep-fried leg of buttermilk chicken between house-baked brioche bun halves, lots of crunchy iceberg lettuce and fresh citrus mayo. With a combo this good, it doesn't have to be fancy. By the way, the sandwich is also available with tofu in a veggie version.

In addition to the admittedly chicken-heavy items, the menu at Nola Fried Chicken also offers a few other side dishes of classic Southern soul food cuisine: Mash & Gravy, for example, which is super satisfying mashed potatoes with gravy, or fresh-fruity coleslaw made from red cabbage, which we personally really like.

However, a particular highlight for us are the freshly baked, airy-buttery biscuits. In the southern U.S., they serve as a typical side dish to fried chicken and also offer the perfect balance to the spiciness of the Nashville wings at Nola. Fluffy, slightly salty and nicely buttery, they almost melt in your mouth. Without question, we'll be craving soul food from here on several Sunday afternoons.

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Nola Fried Chicken – Homemade soul food at its best
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