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Tuesday, April 26 2016

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I’ve long tired of carrying cases of water everywhere and am convinced that the transportation of water throughout the entire Republic makes absolute no ecological sense. But what to do? Tap water didn’t make for an adequate alternative to good mineral water and a special faucet would require a professional water treatment system. But compared to buying bottled mineral water, such a filter system would become well worth the cost.

But how should I as a layman find the right equipment for myself? There are so many different systems and attachments out there with floods of information available. At some point during my research I came across Leogant. The attachments, put together from the best individual pieces on the market by owner Thomas Hartwig, may well be the most compelling ones available at the moment.

Thomas Hartwig describes himself as a true "water freak". After visiting a kung fu school in the Chinese mountains in Wundang he began busying himself with subjects concerning unity and the body. His wish for independence and high ethical standards grew. He wanted to contribute to a healthier, more conscientious lifestyle while actively protecting the environment. One of Bruce Lee’s quotes became his life mantra: "Be water, my friend."

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He began with YouTube videos on water preparation, visited expositions and sales events, travelled to Austria to attend seminars, and became more and more of a specialist. He pulled out of everything that which personally appealed to him and eventually built his first filter. That was eight years ago. Today he has accumulated so much complex knowledge that he gives lectures himself.

All this knowledge made it possible for him to develop the products he markets under the name Leogant today. Not only does he offer complete systems from various manufacturers, but tailor-made solutions using the best individual components on the market as well. The revitalisation comes from the Austrian company UMH, the only ones able to provide truly informed studies on functionality, and the filters are from "Carbonit", a company that provides the only reliable long-term studies.

The stainless-steel faucets are manufactured by an Italian family company based on Hartwig’s patterns and even the smallest pieces are produced according to his wishes. He constantly reviews that everything is still made on par with the highest, most current standards, prioritising optimisation. He also wants to get his customers excited about water and educates them on sustainability. He does so easily and discreetly. He’s no missionary. He just loves water.

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