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Thursday, July 09 2015

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Wednesday: 6:00pm - midnight
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KOPPS Bar & Restaurant
Linienstraße 94
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 432 097 75

Only about ten percent of the potential of a carrot is known, said the vegan star chef Alain Passard from France a few years ago. What you can do with vegetables - beet, pumpkin, celery, parsnip and the like - is what we find out during our visit to Kopps restaurant. Because here, Benjamin Löttrich and his team cook vegan throughout, bringing us the pleasure of unexpected vegetable combinations. 

The vegan restaurant at Koppenplatz in Mitte has been around since 2011. Fine vegetable cuisine is served. Very aromatic, the individual components excellently coordinated with each other. There is no meat substitute, but honest dishes are made from regional and seasonal ingredients, some of which are delivered directly to the front door from farms in the surrounding area. The rest comes from wholesalers in organic and Demeter quality. 

Also, 90 percent of the offered wines come from wine-growing estates, to which these quality requirements apply. If they are not straight in the transition, likewise vegans are all naturally likewise. Who likes to remain instead rather sober is spoiled in the Kopps, however, equally by bar boss Jannick Stillger.

Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Speise
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Gemüse
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Dessert
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Köchin
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Tisch
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Gastraum
Kopps veganes Restaurant Berlin Mitte Schild

The highly courteous service serves one non-alcoholic firecracker after another: a wonderful-looking drink with edible flowers is among them, as is an oat truffle cappuccino, intense fruit and vegetable essences, or even the elegant Kopps version of a bubble tea. Many times a wine accompaniment has knocked our socks off (not only proverbially), but the sober beverage accompaniment is capable of doing something similar here - sure, only without the hangover.

Of course, chef Benjamin Löttrich does not need to hide behind this when it comes to his feeling for vegetable flavours. The greeting from the kitchen already makes it clear that we can expect clearly upscale cuisine at Kopps. Our first of seven courses also impressively demonstrates what elegant things can be conjured up from beet and horseradish!

Six more courses follow, all of which we like very much and are based on the vast spectrum of colours that vegetables offer. Again and again, we notice about it that meat, butter, yoghurt and Co. are not missing us in any way. The purple course with red cabbage cooked whole, roasted quinoa, and sweet potato spaghetti, as well as an apple foam become a real experience thanks to its sweetness in connection with the salty pickled plum.

We are particularly pleased with the green course, which hides celery with sautéed black cabbage along with a green onion mousse, topped with a really great jus in which onions and porcini mushrooms provide strong umami. While the "cheese course" with blue cheese parfait on an almond base with (delicious) buckwheat risotto and hazelnut sauce is extremely exciting due to its flavour intensity but takes some getting used to, a mousse of parsnip, accompanied by a dab of yellow beet ice cream, along with ... ... is a truly spectacular conclusion. A dessert that, despite the use of various vegetables, clearly dares to be a dessert. 

What you can do without butter, cream and cheese in the kitchen if you rely on the power of the carrot. And for those still a bit worried: After our dinner, we are more than satiated and say goodbye with at least 10 percent more knowledge about the diverse flavours of vegetables.

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