Katerschmaus Feel-good galley right on the Spree

Wednesday, December 21 2022

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: noon - 3:00pm

Tuesday to Saturday: 6:00pm - 9:30pm


Holzmarktstraße 25
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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+49 152 29 41 32 62

People love water - they have always been drawn to the water. Fortunately, Berlin has its Spree; otherwise, how much beauty and flair would be lost to the metropolis. Not only in summer, even when it starts to get cold and uncomfortable, there is something comforting about the glitter of the gentle waves - and so we set out for dinner by the water, or more precisely: to Katerschmaus directly on the banks of the Spree.

Admittedly, you first have to find this location, make your way through little wooden huts, through hippie-esque paths across the grounds of Holzmarkt 25, down a flight of stairs, and push open a heavy door. And finally, you find yourself in the - one would think - cosy ship's belly of the Katerschmaus. A ship-like art installation sails overhead, colourful windows recall a ship's chapel and the bar is stocked all over with all kinds of maritime trinkets.

We take a seat in the back, in the wooden class, although the kitchen of the Katerschmaus no longer differentiates between good bourgeois and fine dining. Instead, the formerly two cuisines have converged, becoming one unit of upscale feel-good dishes. Oysters on the menu hint at the water, as do the fabulous Bouchot mussels with a good dash of pastis and crispy garlic bread, which we enjoy alongside a finely creamy parsnip soup with crayfish tails.

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For the main course, we share an entrecôte from Kumpel und Keule, served on the bone, or Selpin catfish in a banana leaf. Although you dine by the water, meat and fish are equally delicious here. The whole table enjoys it in family style, and you can choose your favourite side dishes and enjoy a delicious meal. The specially brewed beer goes wonderfully with it.

Or - if you are less fond of sharing your food - you can make do with a perfectly cooked fillet of beef served with fine beans and a crispy bacon chip. Accompanied by a sumptuously truffled potato mousse - we praise ourselves in the cold season. We also enjoy the sea bass together with deliciously cooked red shrimp. Yellow and red beetroot, together with celery puree and lemony cima di rapa add a welcome sour component to the sweet elements. Extremely fine.

We particularly like the variation of eight petit fours for dessert. One pretty mini dessert next to the other, everything from fruity to chocolatey - perfect when you just can't decide. And so we nibble our way through the cold and dream of summer again. Then we would definitely like to repeat the evening at Katerschmaus on the stunning terrace directly above the Spree! After all, what could be better than a glass of sparkling wine with a view of the gentle glitter of the Spree waves?

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Katerschmaus – Feel-good galley right on the Spree
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