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Wednesday, February 15 2023

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Monday to Friday: noon - 3:00pm

Monday to Sunday: 6:00pm - 1:00am


Anklamer Straße 38
10115 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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There is indeed a bit of sneakiness involved because this gem in Prenzlauer Berg is not so easy to discover. But once you find your way into the (really beautiful) second backyard of the pleasantly warmly lit heimlichTreu restaurant, you are immersed in a cosy, stylish world of dark wood tones, eclectic decorative elements and extremely comfortable seating areas.

The first thing that strikes you as particularly positive is that here you really have a place to yourself. No little stools on which you start to slide around after a while, and no moving around on mini tables - that's nice, just like the highly attentive and friendly service, which quickly brings us our aperitif from the quite creative drinks menu.

Not only does the bar menu read unusually, but the kitchen style is by no means fixed and happily mixes the most diverse influences. Whatever tastes good is allowed. We decide on the secret offer that the charming service recommends: for 69 euros per person, we are served four courses representing the majority of the menu. 

Our menu starts promisingly with the "before" as the menu describes it: baked willow egg with mustard sauce and cauliflower makes a nice play of consistencies, ricotta and kale fill bite-sized ravioli and the carpaccio is topped with kimchi and coriander. We particularly like the carrot tartare for self-dressing with linseed oil and a small quail egg. 

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Although we are only moderately convinced by the sharing principle, as the dishes don't necessarily lend themselves to sharing, we are nicely attuned to the taste of the next round of little treats: octopus with braised fennel in a bouillabaisse broth and zander fillet with deveined mussels on a bean mousse are accompanied by two baked celery pralines with miso and a small radish salad with caramelised walnut. 

The barley risotto with pumpkin wrapped in batter and a pompon blanc mushroom taste beautifully earthy, complemented by the freshness of pickled pumpkin. Braised ox cheeks meet crunchy pak choi and truffled udon noodles and guinea fowl breast on roasted Jerusalem artichoke with potato croquettes. Our favourite course, however, is the bread dumplings with pulled beef and pickled onion on top.

With more than well-filled stomachs, there is hardly any room left for dessert, but the infamous dessert stomach proves to be a fascinating phenomenon time and again - which is fortunate because we would not have wanted to miss this sweet little "afterthought" of plum compote, crispy strudel leaf and goat's cheese crumble.

In particular, however, the creaminess of the vegan (!) lavender gelato, in combination with the sweet acidity of the raspberries delighted us. And that, although lavender aroma usually only excites us as a soap scent. The heimlichTreu does not have to hide at all - yet it is charming that it does so in this enchantingly beautiful courtyard.

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