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Tuesday, March 29 2016

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Glück to go
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It was a trip to an Indian monastery that brought Kirsten Peters, who runs Glück to go with her husband, to burgers and fries. Until then, she was an adamant spurner of fast food. Today she knows that everything is simply a question of the preparation. High-quality ingredients and metabolism-boosting spice blends, as seen in Ayurveda, are her wonder weapons.From traditional, unwholesome to-go food, they make a nutritious and filling meal that provides energy and is well metabolised.

In 2009 she and her husband were invited by a Hindu nun to visit a monastery near Bombay. Along with a large festival and pilgrimage, the trip to the monastery gardens was on the agenda and where she was served fries as a snack. Naturally she tried the golden-yellow finger food dusted with spices and had rarely been as surprised as from the incredible taste of these fried potato sticks. It was these fries that brought on the idea to bring healthy fast food to Berlin.

Glück to go Wellfood Burger Berlin Pommes
Glück to go Wellfood Burger Berlin Kreuzberg
Glück to go Wellfood Burger Berlin Orient Express
Glück to go Ayurveda Pommes und Burger Besitzerin

The native cuisine became a field for experimentation for the next three years. They tinkered, tested, and started over. Together with organic bakery Beumer & Lutum they came up with a unique recipe for the buns. Made of spelt flour and mung beans, they not only provide valuable protein, but according to Ayurvedish nutrition also detoxify and purify. She created the vegetable patty together with one of her chef friends and the recipes for her homemade chutneys, creams, and spice blends were inspired by the Ayurvedish cuisine. They boost metabolism, promote digestion, and above all inspire happiness- something we can confirm after testing the divine fries and three of the burger creations.

Not only the fries, but the accompanying homemade mayonnaise, are a spectacle. With them we had an "orient express" with red beet carpaccio, sheep’s cheese, and a fine chutney; an "Italian stallion" with Mediterranean cheese cream, balsamico onions, and tomato mozzarella; and a "red hot chili chick" with a crispy chicken-style burger, sprouts, tomatoes, and cheese. Every bite was harmonious and comfortably filling. Even the fresh pressed juices are enough reason to give the place a try. Time to indulge in fast food without the guilt!

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Glück to go – Delicious and Digestible Fast Food
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