Finest Christmas gifts and a Merry Christmas Tante Fichte rocks

Wednesday, December 15 2021


Bookings of the Christmas dinner by mail

The Christmas packages are available in 4 different versions via the Tante Fichte online store



In the past, it were the presents which kept us awake due to impatience days beforehand. Today, for many of us, the bright anticipation is probably more about dinner with loved ones. For many Christmas Eve is synonymous with pleasure, gladly it is particularly solemn and contemplatively committed.

But why put yourself at the stove when the team at Tante Fichte Restaurant invites you to a festive 6-course dinner? The festive dinner on Christmas Eve begins at 6:30 p.m. with an introductory aperitif and finger food. At 7 p.m., host Michael, hostess Vicky and chef Dominik Matokanovic kick things off with organic chicken egg, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle. 

Venison from Hunter Jörn with pumpkin and pine, and caviar Imperial Auslese with salmon trout and milk promise to be delicious and are just a small sample of the Christmas menu from Dominik's kitchen. He likes to combine local products with Mediterranean flavors in a way that makes them directly accessible from a culinary point of view: fine dishes that touch emotionally - just the thing for Christmas. At the end of the festive evening, the team serves Christmas sweets with coffee. 

Tante Fichte grosse Geschenkbox Kreuzberg
Tante Fichte Berlin Dominik Matokanovic Michael Koehle Viktoria Kniely by Manuel Krug

The menu costs €250 and includes an aperitif, accompanying wines, mineral water and coffee. 

But even those who like to spend Christmas Eve at home with their family or out of town do not need to live without the delicacies from Tante Fichte. After all, at least this aunt knows exactly what gourmets are really happy about: carefully selected favorite products prepared with lots of love, which even the most spoiled gourmet palate is guaranteed to enjoy.

The large Tante Fichte gift enriches the gift table with strawberry jam, elderflower vinegar jelly, cherry plum chutney and an aromatic apple mustard. Also Elisenlebkuchen should not be missing at Christmas, naturally, just as well as atmospheric candle light of the handmade candles of HeyLenochka.

A fine dro in the form of Westhofener Riesling from Fritz Groebe as well as two bottles of the miniature bitter from the house of Dr. Jaglas are guaranteed to put you in a festive mood. And a homemade white punch is guaranteed to heat things up when toasting by the fire. On top there is a 100 € voucher for the next visit to the Tante Fichte restaurant.

The Tante Fichte Christmas packages are available in four different sizes: The small package can already be enjoyed with 17 €, the middle costs 35 €, the large 75 € and the very large Tante Fichte gift charm amounts to 175 €. One can order the gift packages simply in the online store, they are dispatched to all over Germany, but one can also pass by the Kreuzberger restaurant in order to fetch it personally.

For those who just can't wait until Christmas Eve, we can recommend the small Tante Fichte Christmas market on December 19. The team at Tante Fichte will be hosting a small outdoor celebration starting at 1 p.m. in front of the terrace with fine things from the wine cellar, the kitchen, the raclette grill and Vicky's hot white punch. Cheers!

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Finest Christmas gifts and a Merry Christmas – Tante Fichte rocks
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