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Dieter Bonnstädter Blonde in every shade

Friday, October 25 2013


Dieter Bonnstädter
Mommsenstraße 17
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
.How to get there


+49 30 312 209 697

I’m glowing! After my visit to the Guerlain Spa on Thursday, the renowned hairstylist-to-the-Stars, Dieter Bonnstädter, magically transformed my hair into a fresh blonde hue. For over three decades, the hair and make-up expert, has been specializing in blonde colouration and has honoured the stars and VIPs of the German film and TV industry with his abilities.

Additionally, Dieter Bonnstädter embodies a part of old West-Berlin, and many of his clients have been coming to him for so long that already their daughters are also regular customers. Not least because of the familiar atmosphere at Bonnstaedter’s. Nearly everyone that is sitting around me is addressed by him as either "sweetheart " or "darling " and is lovingly exaulted. I almost feel a little strange to be adressed formally here.

It is lively around me. Dieter Bonnstädter is everywhere and every single customers has his attention. So much concentrated, positive energy is seldomly seen in a single person. The man loves his craft. It is truly a joy to watch him. He’s just finished a customer’s cut and made the final touches, when he comes to sit with me and, with his experienced eyes, ponders what we should do. Now I feel a part of it. Then, he finishes the braided hairstyle of another customer’s hair for Oktoberfest.

With craftsmenship-like focus and skill, an experienced colourist applies the bespoke highlights. What pace! In stages, these are washed to achieve a uniform result. They are shampooed and treated with Shu Uemura - one of my favorite brands. Now blow-dried, the hair has the desired gloss. Excitedly, I look in the mirror. A real blonde!

Non-blondes should rest assured because the Dieter Bonnstädter team is indeed experienced in all disciplines up to, and including, extensions; of course, there are a lot of dark-haired customers in the salon, which is discretely located on the mezzanine floor of an elegant, period building.

What is less well-known is that Dieter Bonnstädter is also a famous make-up artist. His specialities: photo and film. Not infrequently, he gives his clients the perfect, natural look to wow on the red carpet. He even has his own cosmetic line, Men Make up, which is, at it’s core, an outstanding make up line that is especially designed for men.

And if you thought it was impossible for the man to do more, he also has a thriving International Make up Academy. This way, his experience and extensive knowledge will be transferred to the next generation. Fantastic!

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