Delicacies from Ukraine And finally it's Streetfood Thursday again

Wednesday, May 18 2022

Opening Times

Every Thursday from 5:00pm


Markhalle Neun
Eisenbahnstr. 42/43
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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Many people gathered in one hall, laughing, drinking, and eating - an unusual picture in the last two years. And yet, events like Streetfood Thursday in Kreuzberg's Markthalle Neun are back. It's been two years since the famous gourmet market closed its doors for the time being.

Since March 24th 2022, it's back. Every Thursday as before, with delicious gastronomic concepts as before. Now that everyone is getting back on their feet, it is essential to support Berlin's gastronomy. "So let's try, taste and enjoy together," it says on the website.

New to Streetfood Thursday is Irina Nikolenko, who will be offering the most delicious Ukrainian street food such as dumplings, cabbage rolls and borscht at her stand. Ukrainian cuisine is still significantly underrepresented in Berlin. A circumstance that will hopefully and probably change now. Irina Nikolenko demonstrates that the hunger for it is definitely there: she has been running her Restauracja Ukraineczka in Szczecin for 20 years.

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Ukraine 1
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun (7)
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun (5)
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun (4)
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun (2)
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun (1)
Street Food Thursday I Markthalle Neun
Streetfood Thursday I Markthalle Neun

Many lovers of Ukrainian cuisine from Berlin and Brandenburg have regularly travelled to Szczecin to enjoy Irina Nikolenko's excellent cuisine. It was named one of the best Ukrainian restaurants outside Ukraine three years ago. The successful restaurateur and her team run the stand at Markthalle Neun out of social conviction: A large part of the income is donated. Enjoying and doing good at the same time - a great combination.

Those who have already filled their bellies can still do good at Markthalle Neun: Aid supplies and donations are accepted by Vera and Pauline from the neighbourhood from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 6 pm. The stand cannot be missed, thanks to the large Ukrainian flag. Monetary donations for Action Medeor are also accepted. A list of needs for donations in kind can be found here>> on the Markthalle Neun website.

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Delicacies from Ukraine – And finally it’s Streetfood Thursday again
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