Dieselhaus Modern brewery in the new Forum on the Berlin Museum Island

Wednesday, July 05 2023

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Daily: noon - 10:00pm


Forum an der Museumsinsel 10
10117 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 (0) 30 994059250

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It took a long time to see what was hidden behind the opaque construction fence around the inner courtyard between Oranienburgerstrasse and Ziegelstrasse. The new Forum on the Berlin Museum Island was opened in winter and right in the middle of it is the Dieselhaus, a modern brewery with traditional brewing skills.

The spacious new Forum is strikingly beautiful. When you enter it from Oranienburger Straße through the archways, you first notice the contrast between the different architectural styles. Architecture from four centuries can be seen here. This is easy to recognise, especially in the contrast between the telegraph office, reminiscent of the days of the Kaiser, and the associated Dieselhaus, built in a modern industrial style.

The name is easy to explain. The entire building was erected around the listed diesel generator, which used to be the emergency generator of the telegraph office. The house itself offers classic brewing with a total of eleven beers, all from the traditional Bavarian brewery Hofbräuhaus Traunstein, which has been producing various beers for over 400 years.

Dieselhaus (c) HELE LAWANGIN-17
Dieselhaus (c) HELE LAWANGIN-01

The interior is dominated by metal elements, but also leather and wood. Large iron beams support the ceiling, and counters and tables are kept simple and complement the industrial look. However, we enjoy the terrace, where it's truly delightful.

We try a choice of the Traunsteiner beer selection on tap. Full-bodied, malty Traunsteiner Dunkel starts things off. To accompany it, we taste the brewery cuisine. A summery cucumber soup with crayfish and a classic Obazda get things started.

For the beer lovers among you, a group visit is especially worthwhile because the Traunsteiner is also offered in 11-litre barrels for self-tapping, of course, under professional guidance. Quality feature here: a good keg does not splash. Another lesson learned.

The cuisine is classic, as you would expect from a brewery: southern German dishes like Kässpätzle, dumplings and roast pork, but also Brotzeitbrettl and Berlin classics like currywurst.

For dessert - Kaiserschmarrn, strudel and a particularly delicious half-baked chocolate cake with a liquid centre - we enjoy the sunset, which bathes this picturesque courtyard in a romantic light.

With a last gusset in hand, our gaze wanders over the subtle lighting of the square, from cleverly placed lights over the classic iron lanterns. Next to the fountain, the maypole and over the archways at the north entrance, the dome of the synagogue towers. A picturesque place that you can enjoy to the full from the terrace of the Dieselhaus.

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