Casual Fine Dining at the Cord Sustainable and informal

Wednesday, February 15 2023

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Monday to Friday 17.30-23


the Cord
EUREF-Campus 23-24
10829 Berlin-Schöneberg
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030 26476792

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Visible from afar is the Gasometer, one of Schöneberg's landmarks, which is currently being given a new purpose with an elaborate construction project. The EUREF Campus, whose work, teaching and research are dedicated to renewable energies and sustainability, stretches all around. At its edge is the restaurant the Cord, which has recently given itself a new direction.

"You are what you eat" is the team's motto at the Cord on the EUREF campus. Here, where the future is explored and lived, the expectations of a restaurant are high. Chef Florian Peters and culinary director and ex-star chef Thomas Kammeier keep this promise.

Starting out as an upscale barbecue restaurant, the Cord has meanwhile settled into the theme of casual fine dining and, in keeping with its surroundings, has oriented itself towards sustainability. Most of the food is sourced from regional producers, such as Gourmet Greens, who grow micro-herbs in Wedding, vegetables from Dieter Fuhrmann, meat from Otto Gourmet, bread from Pane amore from Berlin Ahrensfelde and Bäckerei Keit from Schöneberg, as well as many others.

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Peter's desire for responsible cooking also extends beyond the suppliers, from energy optimisation to resource management. The "casual" about the fine-dining concept is taken quite literally. No one has to feel forced to do anything here. All dishes can be ordered as individual plates so that they can be combined at will and independently of a fixed menu sequence. 

As we sit in the impressive rooms with the seven-metre high ceilings, discreet golden elements in the style of the 1920s and, of course, the eponymous Cord 812, we look forward to the menu that Florian Peters has put together for us.

On the one hand, there are currently winter-inspired vegetarian dishes. On the other hand, a Greek yoghurt, similar to a labneh, packed with radicchio, beetroot, pickled and as a puree, red cabbage stock and truffle date cream (14€) is just as wonderfully seasonal a plate as the parsley root soup with parsley oil, on which a small, lovingly decorated "bridge" of a crostini with Basque bacon cream, Perigord truffle and confit parsley sits enthroned (16€).

Plate by plate, the character changes and convinces of the range of the cuisine. Our menu is complemented by the excellent wine selection of restaurant manager Olaf Rode, who also tells us about the exciting history of the campus and the restaurant.

In general, people at the Cord like to give us a glimpse behind the scenes. This is also the case at the regular events such as the Sunday Specials: open afternoons with live food stations on various topics, where guests can look into every corner of the kitchen and exchange ideas with the team.

But let's continue with the text. The non-vegetarian options also know how to please. Pickled and flamed salmon from the Scottish Arctic Ocean with various quince (17€), also part of the Valentine's Day menu (79€ incl. water and coffee), is a welcome intermezzo as the only fish course. Incomparably tender, thanks to its reverse cooking, is the neck of Iberico pork, served with artichoke puree and a kind of popcorn made from the pork rind, as well as toasted bread made from leftover bread (37€). Low waste has many approaches.

The signature desserts are a visual and taste highlight. On the one hand, there is the Cord-branded praline made of Grand Manier and orange, with a little pannacotta, also available as a dessert plate. Secondly, and probably the most original detail is a small corduroy tart on a base of nougat crisp with vegan chocolate, plus white chocolate, cassis and macadamia nut muesli. Delightfully, it comes full circle in the evening.

The Cord is capable of versatile cuisine and offers space to breathe, marvel and enjoy in its stylish premises. We look forward to the summer when the large terrace on campus is open for dining.   

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Casual Fine Dining at the Cord – Sustainable and informal
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