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Monday, February 12 2024

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Who doesn't love the backed good "Berliner"? The sweet yeast dough baked in fat and filled with jam is a classic that has become an indispensable speciality for generations, especially on New Year's Eve and during the carnival season. Sprinkled with icing sugar or coated in a thick sugar glaze, pancakes have enjoyed enduring popularity for over 300 years.

For centuries, the preparation and appearance of pancakes remained almost identical. In recent times, however, international influences have often turned the fat-filled pancake into a small culinary event. There is hardly a sweet ingredient that is not suitable as a topping or filling, and no colour that is not suitable for decorating.

So today, in addition to the classic versions filled with plum jam or marmalade, there are also spectacularly prepared versions that can easily compete with any dessert or artfully decorated cake. In this list, we show you where you can find the best classics and outstanding, more unusual variations in Berlin.

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Pfannkuchen bei Avnon Berlin

Patisserie Avnon

Although the classic Berliner is already incredibly delicious, it's worth looking a little beyond tradition to swap classic icing sugar for fine chocolate and delicate meringue every now and then. At Patissierie Gil Avnon in Charlottenburg, every Berliner becomes a small work of art. As with all of Gil Avnon's other creations, the end product is not only delicious, but the shape, colours, and taste blend together perfectly to create an exceptional experience.

Gil Avnon Patisserie | 
Schlüterstrasse 71 | 10625 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Pfannkuchen Bäckerei Mälzer-2

Bäckerei Mälzer

Not quite as honestly Berlin as the Berliner, but at least a fundamental Berlin bakery institution is Bäckerei Mälzer. As Berlin's first Rhineland bakery, it has been busy stirring, kneading and baking for 125 years. The result is delicious bread, rolls and, of course, a selection of the best Berliners in town every year. Classic Berlin style - despite the Rhineland tradition. Simply heavenly!

Bäckerei Mälzer | 
Blissestraße 2-6 | 10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Bio Bäckerei Tillmann Berlin

Bio Bäckerei Tillmann

The Tillmann organic confectionery is a little younger but no less outstanding. Cakes and tarts have been produced to the highest quality standards for 20 years. Only organic ingredients from the region are used for all of the pastries and, of course, this also applies to the Berliners. They are traditionally served here with icing or icing sugar, filled with delicious plum jam and marmalade.

Bio Konditorei Tillmann | 
Ludwigkirchstraße 14 | 12057 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Atelier Dough ©Leon Nevill Gallagher

Atelier Dough

The classic doughnut and the traditional Berliner may not be twins, but they are certainly siblings. So, if you fancy a little more modern cuisine this year instead of a classic Berliner, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for at Atelier Dough in Prenzlauer Berg. Add a little traditional French craftsmanship to culinary modernity, and the result is a fine selection of deliciously fluffy doughnuts made from delicate, not-too-sweet yeast dough with a bit of lime and vanilla, various toppings and fillings. For example, the crème brulée doughnut with a shiny sugar coating and a delicate vanilla filling.

Atelier Dough | 
Glogauer Str. 9 | 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Brammibals Berlin


Welcome to the absolute queen of vegan doughnuts in Berlin - Brammibal's. Since its opening in 2015, doughnuts have been an absolute authority regarding sweet baked goods in the capital. In addition to delicacies such as Strawberry Pretzel, Boston Cream or the February special Hibiscus Orange, a classic doughnut with icing sugar and plum jam filling is also a must at carnival time. A Berlin doughnut institution without Berliners is simply unthinkable.

Brammibal's Donuts  | 
Maybachufer 8 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

Pfannkuchen Kaiser Patisserie

Kaiser Patisserie

Looking at the red woven bistro chairs in front of dark marble tables at Kaiser Patisserie on George-Grozs-Platz in West Berlin, you could imagine yourself in the centre of Paris. The stunning cake and tartlet creations, colourful macarons, handmade pralines, and crispy puff pastries are also reminiscent of French delicacies. But amidst the exquisite delicacies, there are also classic Berliners just in time for the carnival season - with a bit of French flair, of course.

Kaiser Patisserie | 
Kurfürstendamm 51 | 10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Pfannkuchen Bäckerei Siebert-1

Bäckerei Siebert

When it comes to traditional baking, the Siebert bakery is part of Berlin's common knowledge. Not only because the bakery bakes daily using traditional methods and no additives but also because it is the oldest bakery in the city. Opened in 1906, it is now run by the fourth generation. So it's the perfect place to stock up on delicious, fluffy Berliners filled with sweet jam this February.

Bäckerei Siebert | 
Schönfließer Straße 12 | 10439 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Sugarclan Berlin-2


The Sugarclan Manufaktur on Boxhagener Platz in Berlin Friedrichshain bakes incredibly fluffy original Berliners, Italian bomboloni and a delicious selection of doughnuts daily. There is, for example, the Old Fashioned Cake Donut with a lemon glaze or the Old Salty Caramel. If you prefer something a little more traditional for carnival, you can choose between the classic filled with plum jam or strawberry jam and a new version of the Berliner, such as the Classic Apple Pie doughnut with crunch.

Pfannkuchen im KaDeWe

Die Sechste im KaDeWe

A list of the city's best pancakes without mentioning Die Sechste in KaDeWe is simply unthinkable. A gourmet Eldorado and land of milk and honey of superlatives - and so much more than just a delicatessen, a visit is more of an experience than a purchase. Culinary enthusiasts in the capital and visitors to Berlin in search of the best Berliners can't miss it.

Die Sechste 6. Etage im Kaufhaus des Westens | 
Tauentzienstraße 21–24 | 10789 Berlin-Schöneberg

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