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Zeitwunder Environ Treatments now in Steglitz


Opening Times

Dates by appointment!


Zeitwunder Steglitz
Schloßstrasse 110
12163 Berlin-Steglitz
How to get there


+49 30 857 576 344

Once cosmetician Alina Wechsler had shown me around the new premises, designed by Jörn Hundertpfund, we got around to the skin analysis part of the appointment, including a consultation of the treatment products individually chosen for me.

Hundertpfund, who was also responsible for the design of the first Zeitwunder and all of the sensation it caused in its day, created a light, spacious store here on Schloßstr. in Steglitz, with puristic ornaments, plenty of glossy white, and four treatment rooms flooded with daylight.

Shortly thereafter, I take my place in one of these on an insanely comfortable couch, the kind that once you’ve settled into, you never want to leave. The treatment lasts 90 minutes, during which Alina Wechsler uses low-frequency sonophoresis and electrophoresis to lock a supplement optimised for me with 40x intensity into my skin.

Next, a pre-cleanser and an exfoliating, moisturising mask are amply massaged in. Upon my request, Alina Wechsler takes care of a number of other blemishes, whereby patrons generally have such a clear complexion through the regular use of the Environ products that this kind of facial cleansing is no longer necessary, allowing for the skin-irritating procedure to be forgone.

Zeitwunder Environ Berlin Steglitz-6
Zeitwunder Environ Berlin Steglitz-7
Zeitwunder Environ Berlin Steglitz-5
Zeitwunder Environ Berlin Steglitz-3
Zeitwunder Environ Berlin Steglitz-4

The treatment line Environ works through its effective ingredients and the incredible combination of cosmetics and medical products. Originating through medical research, the skin normaliser vitamin A works on the front line by compacting the skin, thereby minimising wrinkles.

Next, colostrum- a supplement made of cow milk and particularly rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals- is worked into my skin using low-frequency sonophoresis. Using sonic waves, excessive hornification, cell walls, and oily arrears are overridden in order to transport the acting agents deep into the lower regions of the skin.

Finally, a thick mask of algae powder is applied, which can later be absorbed by the entire skin and whose effects are now strengthened through a weakly pulsing current, a technique called electrophoresis. It intensifies above all the moisturising effects and opens up the passages to further improve the intake of the active agents.

At the end, I look in the mirror and think about how much is possible in this day and age- crazy! And while I’m at it, I have my makeup done with Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup line, which is also used at Zeitwunder. Radiant, I step into the lift and can’t wait for my next visit.

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