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Cosmetic PaluselliSEPAI Facials

Monday, December 02, 2013
Address Cosmetic Paluselli by UDO WALZ
Schlüterstraße 48
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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There are times when I’m actually thankful that a visit at the beautician doesn’t turn into an hour-long wellness session. Mary Paluselli has focussed on this exact clientele - people who can barely take a moment out of their day to care about matters of beauty and wellness.

Her little studio has been a shop-in-shop inside Udo Walz’s hair salon for 15 years now and she offers any classic treatment you can think of, only better. With a help of one assistant she’s working on several things at the same time, and thus manages to be quicker yet no less good than anyone else.

I went in for a facial treatment with products by Spanish high-end cosmetic label SEPAI and got a manicure during which only OPI polishes were used - and was out the door again after an hour!

Mary Paluselli is experienced yet very careful with her use of the luxury products. Skin cleanse with WASH, peeling with PURIFY 4D and a finish with the BALANCING tonic. I went on to spend a moment with my head inside a lavender steam cloud while simultaneously getting an arm massage. These are the moments when life feels perfect!

The following clarifying session peeked in a facial mask that is enriched with RELAX LIKE: concentrated extracts from the so-called toothache plant that is said to have a smoothing effect similar to Botox. The grand finale came in form of a facial massage with warm evening primrose oil. It was amazing, and I could feel the fresh boost in my skin! My nails were polished on the side and before leaving for my next meeting I was treated with a quick make-up session.

The soft smell of the cosmetics followed me throughout the day. The only SEPAI product I’d known until that day was my day cream PAPARAZZI. But I guess it’s time I dig a little deeper into the world of Spanish luxury cosmetics. Ever since I had a chat with founder Paola Gugliotta at Belle Rebelle, I can’t stop thinking about it - and now I’m even more curious! But that’s a whole different story…

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Cosmetic Paluselli – SEPAI Facials
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