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Wednesday, March 25 2015

Permanently closed!!!

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Monday + Thursday by appointment!
Wednesday till Friday 11.00-18.00
Saturday 11.00-15.00


Angela Rix Interior
Giesebrechtstraße 11
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 0172 300 77 67

The very first part of our interior special is dedicated to a store whose concept is unparalleled in Berlin so far: Angela Rix has wholeheartedly devoted herself to Belgian-Flemish interior design. As a lover of monochrome interiors, I was enthralled as soon as I first entered her newly opened store on Giesebrechtstraße for the first time.

It feels as if I were entering a modern version of an old Amsterdam townhouse. The walls held in shades of 'greige', the sun light is caught by white shutters that I've been dreaming of for my own home for so long now.

The space is elegant, bright and friendly and looks like an actual apartment whose living room I've just entered. Before me lays the dining room with a long dark wooden table and various cushioned seats wrapped in linen around it, completed with rustic chic tableware and a floral centrepiece that fits in perfectly.

Flowers are a big part of the general concept, because “only flowers can really make a house a home”, as Angela Rix explains to me a little later. Born in Hamburg, she has lived in Berlin for 26 years and has been working as an interior designer for 15 years now, both passionately and successfully.

Rix Interior Berlin Esszimmer
Rix Interior Berlin Sofa Wohnzimmer
Rix Interior Berlin Sofa Landhaus
Angela Rix Interior Berlin 2017
Rix Interior Berlin Vasen und Lampe
Rix Interior Berlin Regal und Kerzen
Angela Rix Interior Charlottenburg 2017
Rix Interior Berlin Waschbecken im Badezimmer
Rix Interior Berlin Schrank und Körbe

Before opening up her very own showroom, she gathered the most beautiful pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories available on design exhibitions in the Netherlands, focussing on businesses, both young and old, that still manufacture themselves. Among them, for instance, family enterprise 'Tierlantijn' who produce lamps in their old workshops according to old designs.

The floor tiles are copies of old church tiles by 'Castle Stones' that look impressively authentic due to the unusually broad joint. The walls are painted with mineral gesso and lime paint colours by 'Pure & Original'.

I stroll through the bed- and guest-room, sighting a large wreath by Hoffz – the brand that produces most of the pieces available here – and am struck by a collection of old Indonesian vases, marked as originals with little seals. Further down I spot bedding by Arte Pura and room scents by Linari of Hamburg.

Angela Rix shows me a coffee table made of 200-year-old wood and goes on into the bathroom that finalized my wish to move in with a nostalgic Victoria+Albert tub, fluffy towels and the homiest feel to it.

However, this Berlin interior designer does more than selling beautiful furniture. She actually plans entire concepts and interiors, from simple decors to demolition and renovations. She works with natural materials and colours to bring some fresh air into your space, making it homely and elegant at the same time.

Her Charlottenburg store proves that there is no single doubt about her knowing her job. I, for my part, am absolutely smitten!

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