Acht&Dreißig The Highlight of Oranienburgerstr. in Mitte

Sunday, May 08 2016

Opening Times

Friday & Saturday: 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm


Restaurant Acht & Dreissig
Oranienburger Straße 38
10117 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 37 46 50 31

I was a bit sceptical looking at Acht&Dreißig's website. I thought Oranienburger Str. was just full of tourist-gastronomy. But against all expectations the interior and menu didn't make all too bad of an impression. The ambience of a cosy industrial look, on the menu a small but perfectly formed German cuisine. It certainly looked worth a visit, and so we headed off…

Owner Duc Anh Tran approached us beaming as we entered the restaurant. The native-born Vietnamese – who completed his apprenticeship in Hotel Hyatt Berlin, managed one of their restaurants, and later brought more of Hyatt Regency Danang’s restaurants in Vietnam onto their feet during their opening phase – is a perfect host. Perfect in form, easy-going, and above all very charming.

With Acht&Dreißig he wants to make a statement about German cuisine and, together with head chef Stefan Schaarschmidt, put together a clear menu of German classics with a modern twist that changes seasonally.

Acht & Dreißig Restaurant Friedrichstraße Berlin Tresen
Acht & Dreissig Restaurant Friedrichstraße Berlin
Acht&Dreißig Restaurant Friedrichstraße Berlin Gastraum
Acht & Dreißig Restaurant Friedrichstraße Berlin Dinner
Acht & Dreißig Restaurant Friedrichstraße Berlin Teller
Restaurant 38 Berlin Marktsalat
Restaurant 38 Berlin Spargelsalat
Restaurant 38 Berlin Spargel und Schnitzel

An asparagus salad with mustard ham and the market salad with vegetables were wonderfully fresh, the dressing seasoned to delectable taste. Asparagus cooked on point with a felicitous hollandaise sauce was served with a whole trout – filled with fresh herbs and crisply grilled in its skin – as well as a Wiener schnitzel, which my companion absolutely fawned over.

"Topfenmousse" with apple ice cream, inlaid rhubarb, and mint foam as well as a mirror-like hollow chocolate orb infused with a vanilla caramel sauce, its centre made of homemade vanilla ice cream, relinquished on a strawberry ragout blessed us for dessert.

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Acht&Dreißig – The Highlight of Oranienburgerstr. in Mitte
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