Suppelade! Warmed up for the winter season

Wednesday, November 16 2022


Lagerstrasse 119
8004 Zurich-District 4
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+41 78 617 18 09

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Now the cold days are here again, and an icy wind is blowing that quickly sweeps away the falling autumn leaves. At this time of year, hot soups are simply an ideal solution to warm up a little in culinary terms. In Kreis 4 on Lagerstrasse, for example, the Suppelade offers hot soups to take away every lunchtime, a small meal in any case that packs a punch.

Whether vegan or vegetarian soups, whether with Swiss meat or a small sausage called 'Wätterschmöckerli', only fresh and seasonal products of regional origin and preferably from organic farming are used in these creamy soups. Accompanied by crusty bread and a fruit, the three different, freshly cooked soups each day become a full meal.

For example, the team conjures up a delicious and creamy soup from cauliflower and potatoes seasoned with rosemary, thyme and sage, as well as white wine and cream, tarragon and nutmeg. The Muotathal lentil stew is also palatable with bacon and sausage, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, parsley root and lentils combined with savoy cabbage and leeks, carefully seasoned with lovage and rosemary.

These delicate soups are good to spoon up five days a week.

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Suppelade! – Warmed up for the winter season
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