Ambassador à l’Opéra Small Luxury Hotel at Lake Zurich

Wednesday, September 07 2016


Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador à l’Opéra
Falkenstrasse 6
8008 Zurich-District 8
.How to get there


+41 44 258 98 98

It is not always easy to come up with a good hotel recommendation in the heart of the city. I, personally, find fancy hotels great; but for me, location is almost more important. A hotel in Zurich that is both easily accessible and offers uncomplicated and outstanding service is the Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador à l'Opéra.

Located in a prime location by the lake, overlooking the redesigned Sechseläutenplatz at Bellevue, the Hotel Ambassador à l'Opéra is close to the Opera House and just minutes walk from the Bahnhofstrasse. As part of the former Uto mansion, which was built in 1898 in neo-Baroque style, the house offers a richly traditional atmosphere, however not falling short of modern elements.

"We want to offer our guests a straightforward environment and surprise them," Hotel Director, Michael Böhler told me, as I was won over by the stylish rooms. "Just as in earlier times, when hotels offered their guests superior comfort with a shower or a television, when back then one was not used to having them at home. For a guest today, that can mean be a bowl of cherries or a burning Rechaud candle in the bathroom, or for another the right temperature, color and music when he or she enters the room. "

Hotel Ambassador Zürich The View
Hotel Ambassador Zürich Aussicht Dachterrasse
Hotel Ambassador Zürich Executive Doppelzimmer
Hotel Ambassador Zürich Doppelzimmer
Hotel Ambassador Zürich Bad
Ambassador à l'Opéra Small Luxury Hotel Zürich

That the guests in the house really feel at home is Michael Böhler’s main concern. This naturally also includes the food, which celebrated chef Pierre Meyer ensures. He places great importance to high-quality ingredients and fair-trade products. Previously at Golfhotel Saanenmoser in Gstaad, the German-born has made a name for himself above all as a lover of fish, which is why he was granted Gault Millau points and the Golden Fish awards.

Anyone who wants to sample his talent may do so at the upcoming gastronomic event "Genusshoch12" on Friday 23rd September, 2016. Besides a Star DJ and a Cigar & Cognac Lounge, Pierre Meyer will be accompanied by guest chefs Rudolf Thewes, Marc Schulz, Michael Reinhardt and Marc Witzsche, offering a flying dinner in four rooms of the Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador à l'Opéra.

12 courses and eight selected wines from the Swiss vintner Johannes Meier of Bachtobel Winery, Marc and Amédée Mathier and the Italian winemaker colleague Mariano Buglioni, and Franca and Giuseppe Passoni provide for the special evening, which, of course, also includes access to the magnificent rooftop, promising a fantastic view of the lake, the Glarus Alps, and the city.

At the thought of Gin & Tonic Salmon marinated with 1818 Schmittmann Gin, egg yolk cream and wasabi caviar, and luma steaks with four sauces, my mouth begins to water. The culinary indulgence costs 180 Sfr per person and can be booked on

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Ambassador à l’Opéra – Small Luxury Hotel at Lake Zurich
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