Restaurant Enja A fiery delight

Wednesday, September 14 2022

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Monday to Saturday: 7:00am - 11:00pm


Restaurant Enja
Sihlstrasse 9
8001 Zurich-District 1
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+41 44 228 75 17

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Here in the Restaurant Enja of the newly renovated Hotel Seidenhof, seasonal and regional specialities are put on the table, innovatively arranged together and spectacularly prepared on an open fire. The way the dishes are staged and presented at their best, both culinary and visually, is a testament to the passion with which Enja works.

There are vegetarian and vegan delicacies as well as selected fish and meat specialities. Of course, the fresh fish comes from Lake Zurich and the meat from the nearby region. The bread is homemade.

What unites everything is the focus on pure ingredients, resulting in a unique taste experience. Whether grilled lettuce with semi-liquid egg or a burrata with grilled peach and watercress on a peach vinaigrette, whether soy or meat tartare with melons, radishes and caper apples or pure marrow bone from the grill with grilled bread, the appetiser menu invites you to feast. It's good that some dishes can also be chosen as main courses.


For the main courses, grilled courgettes with roasted hazelnuts and cashew ricotta take centre stage, as does a regional grilled chicken breast with summer vegetables or sweetcorn. What is particularly pleasant is that the numerous side dishes and sauces can be chosen freely, for example, sweet potatoes or jasmine rice, a Bernaise sauce or the spicy Enja Chimichurri.

The dessert menu also promises pure indulgence. Whether sweet dishes with fruit, ice cream and sorbets, cakes or pure chocolate from La Flor. Those who love sweet things will find the crowning glory here. However, if you prefer something more savoury, try the cheese variations from Jumi, served with honey mustard, walnuts, dried apricots, and honey.

During Food Zurich, Enja will present its cuisine under the motto 'Farm to Table on Fire' on the 17th of September 2022. From root to flower, chef Jessica Maggetti and her team will show all their skills on the open fire.

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Restaurant Enja – A fiery delight
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