Food Zürich A culinary festival highlight

Wednesday, August 24 2022


From the 8th to the 18th of September 2022, Food Zurich will present an extensive programme with many events in and around Zurich for the seventh time. The motto 'Culinary Future' promises guaranteed complexity since everything should be healthy for humans, animals and the environment. Exciting approaches to solutions will therefore be presented with trend-setting, educational and sustainable events that promise pure culinary pleasure.

Whether an innovative cooking course or a fascinating food tour, an exciting market or a delicious indulgence event, several categories can be chosen to experience Food Zurich with pleasure. The event gets off to a brilliant start with the opening at the Jelmoli Food Market. Surrounded by the finest delicacies, the chefs of Zurich's 5-star hotels Alex Lake Zurich, The Dolder Grand and Widder Hotel, will be cooking on the theme of 'Farm to Table'.

Everything that grows and thrives nearby will be prepared. The theme is 'Brutally Local' and will be congenially implemented in an unconventional setting. Also taking part is the young talent from the Zurich General Vocational School. Here, the apprentices present the appetiser 'Pintxos', which they have interpreted in a Swiss way.

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At the festival centre in Europaallee, creative restaurateurs will show their skills and present tasty dishes for the culinary future. Cooking sessions, talks and workshops invite foodies to learn and experience more. In addition, exciting panel discussions, master classes and screenings will take place in Sihlcity.

By the way, fermenting is the big topic at the Fermenista Festival of 'Soil to Soul', an international movement founded in 2021 for responsible, healthy and enjoyable nutrition and regenerative agriculture. Some events will also take place for the first time in the Circle at Zurich Airport. A must-go for Zurich foodies and those interested in sustainability.

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Food Zürich – A culinary festival highlight
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