Kasheme Cocktail Bar with Livingroom

Wednesday, October 19 2022

Opening Times

Tuesday & Wednesday: 5:00pm - midnight

Thursday: 5:00pm - 2:00am

Friday & Saturday: 5:00pm - 3:00am

Sunday: 5:00pm - midnight


Neugasse 56
8005 Zurich-District 5
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In the middle of district 5, the cocktail bar Kasheme invites you to relax in an ambience that perfectly combines a lounge-like character with its stylish furniture, a cosy living room atmosphere and the charm of a record shop.

Low-backed armchairs and couches, oriental carpets, vinyl records and lots of hanging greenery on the walls conjure up a feel-good atmosphere where you listen to cool sounds - with a cool drink in your hand, of course.

"Conscious Drinking & Listening" is the motto here, where live sessions with well-known DJs and musicians make for a promising evening. The signature drinks at Kasheme taste as nuanced and complex as they sound: Whether a flavourful 'Thai Funk' with vodka, lemongrass, kaffir and shiso mixed with kefir whey lime and egg white or a rum-paired 'Natural Mystic' with tropical fruits, lime and bitters. The range of flavours in cocktails and drinks makes you incredibly thirsty and curious.


We were able to enjoy an extraordinary rum at the presentation of the Jamaican brand Appleton Estate, deliciously mixed either in a classic 'Mai Tai' or refreshingly sparkling in the 'Jamaican Mule'. We learned about the drink's complexity, made from sugar cane molasses and matured in traditional American oak barrels to become a fully-fledged rum, personally from Dr Joy Spence. The master blender of the Appleton Estate Rum Distillery was live from Jamaica.

Whether it's rum neat, aged eight, twelve or 21 years to perfection, or creatively mixed into delicious drinks, the cocktails and fantastic soundtracks at Kasheme promise hours of exhilaration.

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Kasheme – Cocktail Bar with Livingroom
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