eclectic Accomplished Mix of Styles beyond the Mainstream

Monday, March 10 2014

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Monday till Friday 10.00–18.30
Saturday 10.00-17.00


Werdmühlestrasse 7
8001 Zurich-District 1
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0041 43 344 80 42

The fashion store eclectic was recommended to me by a friend, who told me that she would almost exclusively buy her clothes there. She counts as the particular kind of woman, whose wardrobe I would blindly take, and this was reason enough for me to visit the store.

"What does the name eclectic stand for?" I ask Bettina Müller, the friendly owner of the exceptional multi-brand store. She smiles and shows me one of her labels on which the answer is written: "Choosing what seems to be the best or most useful from several different sets of ideas or beliefs". The aim, therefore, is to make the best selection. Bettina devotes much time and great personal commitment to this.

She travels to all the most important fashion shows in Europe, but is most inspired on her trips to the United States. Her labels are exquisite and her instinct for trends is extraordinary. She carried the denim label 'rag & bone' when the company consisted of only three employees. When a brand becomes established, Bettina often loses interest and leaves the collections to the large department stores.

Eclectic Fashion Shop Zürich dunkelgraues Kleid
Eclectic Fashion Shop Zürich grünes Kleid
Eclectic Fashion Shop Zürich gestreiftes Kleid
Eclectic Fashion Shop Zürich gemustertes Tuch
Eclectic Fashion Shop Zürich Handtasche

Her current favorite brands are: the avant-garde New York label 'Zero' by Maria Cornejo, the new Spanish 'Siyu', and 'Giles', the new star on the British fashion scene. She herself is wearing a fantastic dress from 'Rue Blanche', combined with a 'Sphere One' cardigan. If the dress was still hanging in store, I would have bought it straight away. It is one of those chic everyday dresses, which immediately looks attractive - even without high heels.

In the store, clothes with the potential to be a favorite piece can be found, along with jeans and sweaters. There is a considerable selection of fancy attire and matching accessories, as well as exceptional clutches and boleros.

I could talk to Bettina for hours - she brings so much international spirit to Zurich. And last but not least, the original, colorful dresses by Antonio Marras. I can only highly recommend a visit to the shop at Werdmühleplatz. Otherwise, the other shop on Pelikanstrasse that opened December last year and yet also offers a very stylish range.

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eclectic – Accomplished Mix of Styles beyond the Mainstream
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