Austernbar Feasting in the Limmatstadt

Wednesday, January 17 2024

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Wednesday to Friday 16-21
Saturday 12-21


Limmatstrasse 231
8005 Zurich-District 5
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+41 44 262 48 48

What a sensual food oysters are. No wonder they are generally regarded as a natural aphrodisiac. In Zurich, they are best enjoyed at the Südhang oyster bar counter in the Viadukt market hall.

Draped tightly on lots of ice, they are waiting here alongside all kinds of other seafood. Take a seat right at the bar, from where you can watch the extremely friendly service crack and arrange the delicacies. The oyster knife is placed directly on the tip of the mussel - don't slip!

The oyster bar serves a large selection of different oysters. They have a delicate texture and a salty flavour with surprisingly sweet flesh - like the essence of the ocean. The classic is, of course, the Fines de Claires; the Royale No. 3 is also excellent, and the Utah Beach oysters are generally considered to be the best. Of course, they don't come from the US state but are imported super fresh from France, like most oyster bar products.

If there are two of you, it is best to treat yourself to a dozen or even one of the impressive plateaus royal with mussels and crustaceans for two. Of course, a glass of champagne is the perfect accompaniment - it's simply a must. The Südhang wine shop provides a nice selection by the glass - including red and white wine, of course, as well as some other fine wines.

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If the admittedly special seafood is not to your taste, try the ceviche made from organic Swiss trout, classic Peruvian with tiger's milk, sweet potato, red onions, sweetcorn and coriander or a delicious homemade fish soup with rouille and baguette. A hand-cut tartare of Piedmontese beef, tasty tinned and vintage sardines, and various cold cuts and cheese platters from Mini Metzg and La Casera opposite in the market hall also taste delicious.

The quality of all the products is high, the service charming, and the atmosphere at the counter relaxed and lively - a pleasurable experience for all the senses.

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Austernbar – Feasting in the Limmatstadt
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