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Tuesday, January 30 2024

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Wednesday to Saturday 12-18


Stumpergasse 53
1060 Vienna-district 6
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It's about time Vienna, the city of art and culture, had a shop like this: In puristically furnished old building rooms, there is a treasure trove for all those looking for magazines and beautiful books from independent publishers. Softcover celebrates niche, quirky and unique topics.

Cats, cannabis, Chinese wedding rituals - there is (almost) nothing that Softcover doesn't cover. More importantly, there is no topic for which Sebastian Gansrigler cannot recommend a suitable publication. Artfully designed, partly hand-bound magazines and books, the covers so beautiful that you want to display them instead of putting them backwards on the shelf.

Sebastian Gansrigler runs a shop for indie magazines and art books in the 6th district. He fills a gap with his Softcover because, despite its reputation as a capital of art and culture, there has never been a shop like this in Vienna before. Many publications appear in tiny print runs, some only available in a handful of copies.

Softcover Wien-06
Softcover Wien-07
Softcover Wien-09
Softcover Wien-10
Softcover Wien-01

These include local publications and magazines from far away that are otherwise difficult or expensive to obtain. The topics range from the aforementioned cats and Chinese wedding rituals to food and drinks, hobbies, art and pop culture. Everything that is niche, quirky and special. By and for people who are passionate about something, as Sebastian says.

He is a photographer, graphic designer, and magazine enthusiast. He provides expert advice with a calmness of mind that suits this place - where the analogue is celebrated - wonderful. In the future, Softcover will also host workshops and events - on cats, cannabis, Chinese wedding rituals and all the other topics that otherwise receive little attention.

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Softcover – Indie magazines and art books
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