Picnic in the Lainzer Tiergarten Lovingly packed by Café Hermes

Wednesday, September 14 2022

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Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00am - 7:00pm


Hermes Café, Restaurant Labstelle
Im Lainzer Tiergarten, Zugang über das Lainzer Tor
1130 Vienna-district 13
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Actually, we wanted to walk up to Wienblick, from where you can look out over the whole city so beautifully. But the smell from our basket is so tempting that we don't get far. We trudge a few hundred metres across the meadow until we reach the edge of a clearing. There, in the shade of a spreading tree, we spread out our blanket. For a few minutes, we enjoy the view into the green distance, then the curiosity and hunger win, and I peak into the picnic baskets.

They have been filled by the kitchen team of the Hermes, located in the villa of the same name on the eastern edge of the Lainzer Tiergarten. The building was a gift from Emperor Franz Joseph to his Sisi. She called the villa her "castle of dreams", as it was located far away from the hated city hustle and bustle, amid the nature she loved so much.

The park on the outskirts of Vienna covers almost 2500 hectares - a green oasis on 2500 football fields! In the past, it was reserved for imperial couples and the nobility, but today ordinary mortals are also allowed to stroll through the woods and the fields. Or settle down for a romantic picnic on the meadows.


If you don't want to pack your own basket and lug it halfway across town, you can use the Hermes picnic service. Our gourmet basket hides cheese, herb dip and smoked ham. In addition - the source of the tempting aroma - juicy wild boar loaf and caramelised cabbage fritters. For the sweet end, there is pulled apple strudel. In the second basket, we discover homemade grape juice and a bottle of cool white wine, which we can drink in style from real wine glasses.

The meat comes directly from the Lainzer Tiergarten, which is still a paradise for wild animals, as it was in the days of the emperor. In addition, many herbs and seasonal specialities, such as wild garlic and chanterelles, are also harvested in the villa's garden or the park.

For the morning picnic, the team packs a breakfast basket with homemade jam, Birchermüsli, fruit and egg. The vegan basket contains beluga lentil salad, stuffed peppers and granola with berry ragout.

It is unclear who came up with the idea of sitting down to eat on the grass. But the ancient Romans and Greeks already appreciated eating outdoors. Later it became popular in aristocratic circles, especially in France. This is probably where the word picnic comes from: a combination of piquer, "to pick" and nique, "little something". You snack on a few nibbles while enjoying nature.

That's precisely what we do! In between, we nap on the blanket, watch the clouds pass by and listen to the wind blowing through the branches. The hours pass, our stomachs are full, and the wine is almost empty (thanks to the cooling cuff, it stays wonderfully refreshing until the end). Those who like it more active can also borrow utensils for badminton, frisbee or bocce in the restaurant.

Picnic in the Lainzer Tiergarten – Lovingly packed by Café Hermes
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