Hollmann Beletage Soft Colours for Cosy Homeliness

Tuesday, September 29 2015


Hollmann Beletage – Design & Boutique Hotel
Köllnerhofgasse 6
1010 Vienna-district 1
.How to get there


+43 1 96 11 960

If engulfment in homey feelings in the middle of Vienna is what you’re after, look no further than Hollmanns Beletage for your stay. The soft beige and brown tones, melting into deep oranges and reds, stir up such a sense of native comfort in me that I would love nothing more than to serve myself a drink from the whiskey carafe siting in the lobby and curl up on the sofa with a book from the house library.

The lobby isn’t called a lobby here, but a living room, and breakfast is taken in the breakfast room- naturally with homemade spreads, cereals, and jams, along with pastries and a dish of the day, always freshly prepared and served with an air of geniality, leaving you to start the day with a big old grin on your face!

Each of the 25 rooms, categorised as either residential, mezzanine, or beletage, is appealing in its own special way within this stunning building. It’s as much a house as it ever was to its founders, with a bit of hotel mixed in- and what a hotel it is! More and more rooms, one after another, were integrated into the original structural design, each one different and with particular features, designed not just functionally, but with plenty of taste and ultimately put together to create a harmonious whole.

Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Doppelbett
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Bett
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Zimmer mit Badewanne
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Zimmer
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Badezimmer
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Bad
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Restaurant
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Gang
Hollmann Beletage Hotel Wien Tür

Those not paying attention to the Hollmann Beletage flag, hanging on the face of the building, find themselves easily surpassing the front door. It is, ultimately, a residential house! Reception is open on the second floor until 10 p.m., when it moves to a closed bar and nothing is left to hint that there is a hotel- not unconsciously done, so as to avoid late night disturbances.

A buffet stands ready and waiting in the afternoon, “The Third Man” plays in the house cinema regularly at 8 p.m., and those who prefer to pass the time with board games are well provided for. The piano in the living room is not to be forgotten either. I can’t begin to try to pin down which details are responsible for how warm and welcome I feel here straight away. It’s the concept as a whole which has won me over- all without leaving a whiff of your typical hotel atmosphere!

When an extra apartment initially opened up in the house, Mr. Hollmann struck hard and personally set about the establishment of the project, being fully committed in heart and soul. The result was the Séparée Suite, in its style completely unique in Vienna. Those who love old, worn buildings will find it hard to leave its Turkish hammam-like bath, creaking boards, and extensively restored plastering. The large, comfy four-poster bed is just as inviting as the ultra modern fireplace, but the suite is otherwise reserved for today. The guests can look forward to their home. I’m only a little jealous, and gladly begrudge them this experience.

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Hollmann Beletage – Soft Colours for Cosy Homeliness
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