Apa-To A small flat full of art and pleasure

Tuesday, February 20 2024

Opening Times

Tuesday + Wednesday 10-18
Thursday 10-19
Friday + Saturday 10-18


Gumpendorfer Straße
Eingang Gumpendorfer Straße
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 676 7033059

Perhaps the smallest concept store in the city: at Apa-To, you will find useful and beautiful items from small creative businesses. Plus, there is excellent coffee, sweet delicacies and a place to chat and feel good.

Artful everyday objects or art suitable for everyday use - the line is blurred. With many of the objects available at Apa-To - ceramics, candles, jewellery - you only realise what they are at second glance.

The overlap between object and commodity fascinates the two founders, Nedra Chachoua and Jennifer Morys (both of whom have a background in fashion design).

And so, in their concept store Apa-To, they bring together all kinds of beautiful, artistic items from small manufacturers. Many of the pieces are made by Viennese creatives. The name of the shop comes from the Japanese: Apāto means flat. Very fitting, as you immediately start decorating your own home in your mind.

It's also fitting because the small, almost wholly glazed shop has a cosy feel despite its simple furnishings. It also serves as a café. Cappuccino and co. are served at a small counter. You sit there and chat with employees and guests and feel a little like you're in a friend's (beautifully furnished) flat.

Apa-To Wien © Vilma Pflaum.-1
Apa-To Wien © Vilma Pflaum.-2
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Apa-To also plans to offer a small breakfast menu soon. There are always small snacks on offer, including these artistic ones: in winter, the APA minis - gingerbread cubes with various fillings (orange, pistachio, raspberry, violet powdered liqueur).

In summer, cake pops - with yuzu and strawberry, for example - and oriental ice cream from the ice cream bazaar at Brunnenmarkt.

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Apa-To – A small flat full of art and pleasure
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