Bikini Berlin Presents a Flower Installation by Rebecca Louise Law

Wednesday, March 30 2016

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 10.00-20.00


Budapester Straße 38-50
10787 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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As we met yesterday afternoon for an interview in Gestalten Pavilion, the 35-year-old artist Rebecca Louise Law greeted me with an amused "I am in a bubble." She just arrived from Australia and isn’t completely here yet. The Brit now presents her installations worldwide, which she mostly puts together from flowers, but also from wood, leaves, or insects. Her goal is to create a connection between man and nature by bringing nature to urban areas. Such as the BIKINI BERLIN concept shopping centre.

She studied in Newcastle and exhibited her first work there. Her program of study was actually oil painting, but the canvas quickly became too small for her. After experimenting for a time with sweets and cloths, which proved too costly for large-scale projects, she remembered her childhood in her father’s botanical nursery. She also remembered how many flowers were hung to dry there in order to conserve them. Normally flowers are also quite costly, but thanks to her father she suddenly had free material. She snatched other blossoms at the end of weekly Newcastle markets and even began planting her own.

Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation Details
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation Blumen Decke
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation
Bikini Berlin Rebecca Louise Law Installation Blumen

For months she collected and dried the delicate figures. For her first installation, she prepared individual smaller arrangements, which she combined at the end to make a larger whole. That was in 2004. Since then she’s brought her spectacular flower installations from London to Times Square in New York, from Australia and New Zealand to Japan. In New Zealand’s New Plymouth the backdrop was breathtaking, she tells. In Australia she prepared 150,000 blossoms at once and in a few days she’ll decorate the Champs-Élysées in Paris, on a surface of 120m2, with over 1,000 roses that passerbys can later take with them.

Some of her projects remain as works of art that make up part of the interior of larger buildings; temporary installations are taken down and rebuilt into something completely new at other locations, or even gifted. They are never simply thrown away; each individual flower goes on its own unique journey. The current collaboration with BIKINI BERLIN concept shopping centre was arranged by a London agency and has brought 30,000 flowers, sponsored by the inspirational website An intoxicating sea of flowers hanging from the ceiling on delicate copper wires will be presented in the atrium of the historic building until May 1st.Twenty hands were needed to bring the poetic work to fruition over five days.

And it’s constantly changing. The fresh flowers soon entered the wilting process and as they dry, get darker and more intensely coloured. A light breeze ruffles the flowers, exerting a magical attraction. I would have loved to just lay on my back and watch them for hours. It is truly intoxicating if you let it be. There are constantly new flowers to discover. The orchids still look fresh, while the hydrangeas have completely changed in form.

At the end of our stimulating conversation, I ask Rebecca Louise Law what her favourite flower is. Of course she loves all flowers, but the garden rose means something particularly special to her. – Even in art, she’s a true Brit!

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