Miele Dialoggarer When the Oven Communicates with the Food

Friday, November 03 2017

Cooking events to get to know the Dialoggarger in your area can be found here >>

Family company Miele has been around since 1899. The leading international manufacturer’s premium equipment can be found in almost every household. At least in German-speaking nations, we’ve all - in one way or another- grown up with the traditional brand.

Now Miele has staged a new coup with the Dialoggarer. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to get to know the innovative apparatus at the Miele Gallery on Unter den Linden. Over the span of three hours, four courses were prepared and sampled, including a buttery soft veal filet cooked in a bacon coating.

And honestly - even though we wouldn’t count ourselves amongst the technique freaks - the demonstration and functionality of this novelty for hobby chefs and connoisseurs alike left us deeply impressed.

From the outside, the Dialoggarer looks just like any other Miele baking oven. It’s the isolated door that indicates that it’s not just the heat that needs protecting. The secret? Their new “M Chef” technology!

Miele Dialoggarer Weltneuheit-5
Miele Dialoggarer Weltneuheit-2
Miele Dialoggarer mit dem iPad programmieren
Miele Dialoggarer Weltneuheit-3
Miele Dialoggarer Weltneuheit

The innovation functions using electromagnetic waves, which are released into the cooking chamber via two antennae. Their frequency includes, amongst others, that of mobile networks, which is why the door is specially designed to shut out disruptions such as cellular phones.

While a microwave is used primarily for defrosting and heating food, the Dialoggarer is a filigree tool for gentle, high-quality cooking. It uses a whole spectrum of frequencies rather than that of a single strength. Because both of the integrated antennae not only send, but also receive signals, a finely controlled process takes place. At any moment, the amount of energy already absorbed by the food can be measured. That is to say, there is “dialogue.”

Another special feature is that the energy- measured in “gourmet units”- is equally distributed to all areas of the food. Miele calls it “cooking in capacity.” The Dialoggarer heats its contents not from the outside in, like most baking ovens, but equally throughout.

It even recognizes that the properties of food and energy uptake change during the cooking process, and adjusts accordingly. Through the “dialogue”, the energy output is constantly adapted. That’s why raw vegetables and meat, for example, can be placed in the oven at the same time and be taken out once perfectly cooked.

We could hardly believe the result of our demonstration. The scallops and salmon starter and the raspberry soufflé desserts aren’t just perfect, but quickly done- as are the meat and vegetables in the main course, cooked together on the same rack. Thanks to the special technique of the Dialoggarer, the meat has an evenly pink colour, the tomatoes are hot but not mushy, and the vegetables are still crispy. Incredible!

And all that up to 70% quicker and without any other tricks or frills. On the app, you can download specially developed recipes and directly transfer over the corresponding automatic program.

What may now sound complicated is actually quite logical in the end. And in order for you to get the most out of the oven, each Dialoggarer purchase includes a home visit by a chef who can explain every feature available in detail.

A little more patience is necessary, as the first “next generation” ovens won’t be delivered until the second quarter of next year. But anticipation is sometimes one of the greatest joys and that leaves us with plenty of time to make room for the new oven.

There are special cooking events in numerous German cities, during which you can experience the Dialoggarer live >>

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