Utopia Event location for multimedia art experiences

Monday, February 27 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday: 10:00am - 9:00pm


Heßstr. 132
80797 Schwabing-West
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+49 89 548 181 401

Remodelling some things and thus breathing new life into them is not only sustainable but also refreshing. The example of Utopia shows that this approach can also be successful with locations.

The former riding hall in Munich's Schwabing-West district is now an event location with a historic ambience and state-of-the-art technology. Whether concerts, festivals, theatre, performances, readings or corporate events: Utopia is "A Happening Place", as the operators put it in a nutshell.

A visit is particularly worthwhile in the next few months because two multimedia art exhibitions of the highest order will be held until the middle of the year. Visitors experience an immersive staging of paintings utilizing cross-room video projections and a matching soundtrack.

The first exhibition is "Viva Frida Kahlo" (until 8 March 2023), about the Mexican painter of the same name with her striking eyebrows. The exhibition's centrepiece is a 45-minute film about her life and works, which appeals to all the senses and brings Frida Kahlo's art to life in a new way.

© Utopia (3)
© Utopia I Viva Frida Kahlo Immersive Experience
© Utopia I Viva Frida Kahlo Immersive Experience (1)
KLIMTS KUSS – EINE IMMERSIVE GESCHICHTEDeutschland Premiere 27.01.2022 – Berlin
KLIMTS KUSS – EINE IMMERSIVE GESCHICHTE Deutschland Premiere 27.01.2022 – Berlin

Her pictures are brought to life virtually and projected onto the up to 34-metre-long and ten-metre-high walls as well as onto the floor of the Utopia Hall, accompanied by music and spoken original quotations by the artist.

From 15 March to 14 May 2023, "Viva Frida Kahlo" will be followed by the multimedia exhibition "Klimt's Kiss - Playing with Fire" about the work of the Austrian painter and Art Nouveau pioneer Gustav Klimt. Once again, the pieces are presented virtually by means of animations and projections in combination with music and acoustic effects.

With both immersive exhibitions, Utopia as a high-tech venue succeeds in sending visitors on an emotional journey of discovery of internationally known masterpieces - well worth seeing!

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Utopia – Event location for multimedia art experiences
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