Asamkirche Magnificent rococo church in Munich's city center

Tuesday, February 27 2024

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Monday to Thursday: 8:00am - 5:30pm

Sunday: 8:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday: noon - 5:30pm


Sendlinger Straße 32
80331 Munich-Altstadt
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One of the most beautiful churches in Munich is the St. Johann Nepomuk Church, better known as the Asamkirche. The magnificent building in the heart of the city dates from the late Baroque period and was built by the Asam brothers. The small but richly decorated interior is also a beautiful refuge for those seeking peace and quiet who find the Sendlinger Straße shopping and promenade in front of the church too busy.

A mighty, double-leaf wooden door grants visitors access to the Asamkirche on Sendlinger Straße. Just like in the movie Narnia, you enter another world here too. The church's interior, which measures just 22 by eight meters, is quiet and calm, shielded from the noise of the cafés and boutiques right outside the door.

Church services are still held in the Asamkirche today. The masterpiece of late Baroque, or Rococo, was built by the brothers Cosmas Damian Asam and Egid Quirin Asam between 1733 and 1746 and is dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk. There is always something new to discover in the countless, magnificently crafted stuccowork and ornaments. The centrepiece of the interior is the large high altar.

Asamkirche Innenansicht 1, © München Tourismus, Vittorio Scios
Asamkirche Innenansicht 2, © München Tourismus, Vittorio Scios
Asamkirche Fassade © München Tourismus, Vittorio Sciosia

However, the Asam brothers used their artistic skills to create not only the church but also the baroque residential palace right next to it. The so-called Asamhaus is particularly worth seeing because of its exterior façade from 1734. It is adorned with elaborate stucco work on a yellow background. Unfortunately, entering the interior is impossible as it is closed to the public. But the view from the outside alone is worth it.

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Asamkirche – Magnificent rococo church in Munich’s city center
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