Saskia Diez Jewellery Nearly invisible Head-turners

Saturday, September 12 2015

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Tuesday bis Friday: 11am – 7pm
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Saskia Diez Showroom & Atelier
Geyerstraße 20
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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+49 89 22 84 53 67

Filigree. Extremely delicate and so light, you hardly feel it on your body. Sometimes even heavy and large-scale. Always special in its own way, drawing the gaze to itself. This is what I see in Saskia Diez’s jewellery. And that is why I love it so much- you can create completely different looks depending on how you combine and wear each individual piece. Sometimes very modern, nearly futuristic, then back to subtly classic.

This sense of fascination has reached people all over the world, interestingly including many who don’t usually like to wear jewellery. The München designer explains to me how she was once, in a way, one of these people. As it were, she began her career as a goldsmith apprentice, but the pieces she was assigned to prepare at the time felt foreign to her- noble, valuable, and lavish, to be sure, but nothing she could have pictured on herself. And so she turned away from the path of the goldsmith and searched for something new- studying industrial design. Pure coincidence lead her back to jewellery.

Saskia Diez Schmuck München Ketten
Saskia Diez Schmuck München Werkstatt
Saskia Diez Schmuck München Dekoration
Saskia Diez Schmuck München Materialien
Saskia Diez Schmuck München Filigraner Ring
Saskia Diez Schmuck München goldener Ring
Saskia Diez Schmuck München Ringe

For one design contest with the theme "women and sport" she submitted bracelets that doubled as weights for the wrists. Their exhibition brought an influx of requests from international dealers: would she be willing to sell her pieces? And that’s how it all started.

"In the beginning, I wanted to set myself up internationally and sell my things abroad more than anything- a boutique in München hasn’t crossed my mind," explains Saskia Diez in her studio. This plan went well and soon after the first dealers came the press as well- with them, more and more customers. "At one point I had people start asking me if they might be able to check out my studio, whenever they happened to be in München. I set up appointments over the phone and soon enough I had a doorbell," she remembers. Eventually the bell rang so often, she hardly had time to design anymore, so she put together a management and sales team. They now receive the visitors hurrying determinedly down the inconspicuous side street of the Glockenbachviertel.

The products are also available online or in boutiques in New York and Paris. But in this showroom, opening one drawer after another, looking over the hidden beauties, and even taking pieces out and trying them on- this is an entirely different experience. Her collections, dubbed "Paillettes", "Ultrafine", and "Wire", are composed of necklaces, bangles, rings, studs, and the so-called earcuffs, which have come to be associated with Saskia Diez.

Saskia Diez's designs are constantly extending beyond jewellery itself. Together with her husband, designer Stefan Diez, she’s designed a line of handbags that appear to be made of paper. In collaboration with the perfumer Geza Schön "invisible jewellery" was created: the fragrances Gold and Silver, which take odourless minerals to a whole new level. So how do they smell? In the case of Silver, refreshingly cool with hints of lemon mint, ginger, and coriander. I know this because as I’m being hit with wave after wave of it as I’m writing this article. And Gold? Best see for yourself…

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