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Monday, June 06 2016

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Thursday 12.00-19.30 and by appointment.


Kathrin Heubeck Studio
Corneliusstraße 12
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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+ 49 172 657 44 86

Which woman isn't familiar with the struggle of searching for the perfect handbag? Not too small, but not too bulky, nice and practical, modern, but not too trendy. Preferably for summer and winter, sun and rain alike. A simple, timeless companion, suited for holding all of your important things in any situation.

The perfect bag… I've found it! It was hiding in München's Dreimühlenviertel borough in a small, enchanting shop on Ehrengutstraße.

Learned architect Kathrin Heubeck pursues her passion in the light, pleasant studio: she designs and produces beautiful, minimalistic handbags that enhance any outfit. She started the label during her time in New York. "Even there, I couldn’t find a bag that met my expectations," she says. She's been back in München since 2014 and crafts wonderful pieces with love and a distinct appreciation for quality and sustainable design.

Not only does she focus on high-class workmanship, but uses only the best leather of environmental production. "The common, chemically treated industrial leather, which I used for my first models, became more and more unappealing to me," Kathrin Heubeck tells me. "We carry our bags close to our skin." So she began searching for an ecological, natural leather. She ended up at a small Bayern producer in Allgäu- the eco-leather she gets from them and uses for her designs is tanned exclusively with plant-based material. It’s particularly skin- and environment-friendly, which I can see, feel, and smell.

Kathrin Heubeck München - Handgefertigte Ledertaschen in Natur- und Brauntönen
Kathrin Heubeck München - Schwarze Ledertasche
Kathrin Heubeck München - Schwarze Totebag aus Leder
Kathrin Heubeck München - Umhängetasche aus Naturleder
Kathrin Heubeck München - Pinke Kosmetiktasche aus Leder
Kathrin Heubeck München - Necessaire aus Leder
Kathrin Heubeck München - Taschen Manufaktur
Kathrin Heubeck München - Die Inhaberin des Taschenlabels
Kathrin Heubeck München - Der Taschenladen im Dreimühlenviertel

A bag of such lovely material doesn't need any bric-à-brac. The current thirteen models have a plain, minimalistic design- and are simply gorgeous. Along with numerous different handbags, the designer also crafts toilet bags in two sizes, which can easily be used for any number of purposes (such as a 'bag in bag' for small items, or as a clutch).

The models are timeless, fit with any style, and aren't bound to trends. Even the soft, conservative colours like grey, brown, beige, and taupe come across as unobtrusive and classy. One of the toilet bags even comes in a bold pink- as a cute accent in the bathroom.

Kathrin Heubeck designs and crafts all of her bags herself in her studio. Such quality handiwork naturally has its price, but for that a bag from Kathrin Heubeck is a true companion for life, good for man and nature.

Update June 2016: Kathrin Heubeck's Studio is now located at Gärtnerplatz!

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Kathrin Heubeck Studio — Handcrafted Bags from München
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