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WeißglutDesign Fanatics’ Eldorado in Schwabing

Friday, September 04, 2015
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Dekoration
Opening Times

Monday till Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday 10.30-18.00

Address Weißglut Design
Hohenzollernstraße 8
80801 Munich-Schwabing
How to get there
+49 89 388 693 68

Entering Weißglut for the very first time, I already feel completely at home- the same mantlepiece stands in the entryway as the one in my living room, as does the accompanying Acapulco chair. A good sign for sure!

Through further explorations I stumble across many beautiful pieces: from Scandinavian-style furniture, fine jewellery and accessories, and carefully selected fashion pieces to organic cosmetics and gourmet delicacies, all presented together in a light, harmonious atmosphere. Black and white, as well as natural and blue tones, dominate the two floor spread: fashion downstairs, lifestyle upstairs. A number of interior design gems are to be found from labels such as Normann Copenhagen, Pepe Heykoop, Nook London, Bloominghill, Hübsch, and Fundamental, among others. Fashion brands including Ichi, Fever London, Maison Scotch, and Gaudi set the tone.

Naturally curious, I have to ask about the shop’s background story: It all began when the Kiefers opened a porcelain manufacturer named Weißglut in Ingolstadt. During one stage of the product design, an idea came about: to develop a platform for promising young brands and their designs. A place where fanatics could discover new, eccentric pieces whilst be assured of value for their money. Whilst searching for the perfect venue, the Kiefers soon found themselves in München-Schwabing. Since Christmas 2012, this flamboyantly edgy store has prospered in the Hohenzollernstraße of the Schwabing shopping mile.

Weißglut Design Concept Store München Regale
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Lampen
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Tisch
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Shop
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Leitern
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Kamin
Weißglut Design Concept Store München Becher

I must say, I love the idea of this concept store so much, I can’t help but pass by every now and then. You can never have enough of such exciting inspiration!

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Weißglut – Design Fanatics’ Eldorado in Schwabing
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