Tagliere e Vino Italian aperitivo specialities in the Old Town

Wednesday, June 15 2022

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday: 11:30am - 2:30pm & 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Fridays until 11:00pm

Saturday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm


Tagliere e Vino
Große Bäckerstraße 4
20095 Hamburg-Inner City
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+49 40 360 993 88

It has to be said that the weather contributes to the Italian feeling on this day in Hamburg. We're lucky - but we're also fortunate to go to Tagliere e Vino to further savour this feeling of Bella Roma. Right at the start, we are recommended an Italicus Spritz with shining eyes.

It is incredibly drinkable and we are sure this will be the new in-drink of the next few years. Rose-based liqueur used to be the in-drink at the Italian court; we are expertly informed. Here, the bergamot-infused liqueur is topped up with Prosecco DOC and served with thick-fleshed olives. An excellent aperitivo for the secluded terrace at Tagliere e Vino.

The Italian wine and aperitivo bar in Hamburg's old town is a real passion project. On holiday in Italy at the beginning of 2019, Patrick fell in love with the Italian aperitivo culture and already in September of the same year, he made his dream come true. Just a few minutes' walk from Hamburg's City Hall and the Alster Arcades - the area feels very Italian anyway - Tagliere e Vino now contributes to the dolce vita in Hamburg.

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In addition to first-class Italian wines, they also serve tagliere - long wooden boards with delicate cold cuts. And so we feast on thinly sliced mortadella with pistachios from Bologna, Parma ham matured for two years, mountain cheese with delicious salt crystals and salami refined with Merlot. We are also particularly enthusiastic about the homemade onion jam, which tastes sweet and savoury simultaneously.

Meanwhile, our burrata bowl can be put together freely according to the modular principle. We choose tomatoes, parmesan and homemade antipasti made from grilled aubergine - to die for. Our amiable waitress brings the artichoke hearts separately - not everyone's cup of tea.

In addition to the selected cold cuts and burrata, the other ingredients, for example the freshly made panini and sandwiches, come directly from Italy. The same goes for drinks and wines, of which we were particularly taken with the excellent Ciro Rosé from Calabria. But the drinks menu has a few more treasures, so we go to the bar to try out a Sphere drink.

We choose Tagliere Fragola with fresh strawberry puree and Tagliere Spritz with Sicilian limoncello. The drinks with a few revolutions are crowned by a small sphere of glycerine filled with a flavoured vapour. The bubble created in this way then bursts on toasting or, if you are careful here, on the first sip, leaving behind a fragrant cloud of vapour.

A fantastic gimmick and lots of fragrant steam around our delicious digestifs. We also treat ourselves to a delightful Nutella tiramisu - it doesn't need alcohol and tastes almost like a childhood dream. And, virtually to satisfy the child in us, Tagliere e Vino also serves homemade pasta with ragù cooked for four hours. Just like in Bologna.

So we urgently need to come back for lunch very soon. And even if a holiday in Italy wasn't possible this year, you don't have to get on a plane in Hamburg for Italian delicacies and authentic aperitivo enjoyment.

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