Restaurant Biest Terrific Cuisine in Eimsbüttel

Monday, April 27, 2015

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Biest Restaurant
Von-der-Tann-Straße 5
20259 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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+49 40 307 254 87

Von-Der-Tann-Straße is a regular residential street in the beautiful district of Eimsbüttel. However, since 2014, a culinary treasure has been hiding right here: Restaurant Biest. A superb atmosphere is created through floor-to-ceiling windows, maximum seating of 40 guests, clean white table linen and the 'Biest' neon sign right above the bar as the only décor.

I am surrounded by national celebrities - it seems as though the news about Biest have spread quickly, but let me tell you one thing: the food makes everything around you fade.

Weekly menus with changing offers from German cuisine to cross-over with Asian and mediterranean influences: the small but exquisite menu caters to everyone! I anticipated the scampi pasta, but as there was no more left we ordered Steak Frites and a salad with scampi instead.

Our waitress shows perfect training, stays on the sidelines discretely but is present whenever we need her and lets us know we're in good hands. Fresh bread, olive oil and sea salt make for a great start.

Biest Restaurant Eimsbüttel Speisekarte
Biest Restaurant Eimsbüttel Tische
Biest Restaurant Eimsbüttel Außenansicht
Biest Restaurant Eimsbüttel Schaufenster

The entrée is a stunner! The steak is so tender that, for a second there, I regret not having ordered it myself. The home fries are crunchy and spiced perfectly. My salad offers everything the region has to give: baby spinach, red chard and frisée with marinated julienne vegetables.

You can taste the passion that goes into cooking. The pomegranate dressing as well as the handful of fresh scampi topping my salad are perfection. Despite being happy and full, we go on to choose dessert: Matcha Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis and caramel crunch, as well as a chocolate tartlet – heavenly!

Owner Benjamin Weiss and head chef Marc Carstens have succeeded at creating a place that needs absolutely no fuss, while still offering excellent food, carefully selected wines and perfect service. And if you spot an accomplished trend researcher, it can only mean good things.

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Restaurant Biest – Terrific Cuisine in Eimsbüttel
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