Pre-Christmas feelgood meal duck and goose feast at Brechtmann's Bistro

Wednesday, December 14 2022

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Wednesday to Saturday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm


Brechtmann's Bistro
Erikastraße 43
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
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+49 (0)40-41305888

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Menu „Hamburg Gans(z) weihnachtlich“  for 49,50€

Christmas is the time for comfort food. Finally, hearty dishes and seasonal classics like red cabbage and roast meat are back on the table. And what can't be missing after St. Martin's Day at the latest? For many, the answer is duck and goose! We would like to recommend Brechtmanns Bistro to all of you. Here you can enjoy traditional Oldenburg poultry with your family, colleagues or best friends in a very cosy atmosphere.

During our visit, we enjoyed the menu "Hamburg Gans(z) weihnachtlich", which is offered throughout December. Owner and chef Sven Brechtmann likes to combine German creativity and Asian sophistication. This is immediately noticeable in the starter: Baked duck wan tan with plum dip, romaine lettuce, coriander and red onion.

As an intermediate course, the charming service team serves a delicious cream soup of nutmeg pumpkin with sweet and sour pumpkin chutney and pumpkin seed oil. Then, before the main course, a Pinot Noir from the Spiess winery in Rheinhessen flows into our glasses. The spicy, fruity Pinot Noir from 2018 not only goes very well with the cold temperatures outside but also with the main course: crispy flying duck with lilac berry slaw, a potato dumpling, cranberries and duck jus.

Brechtmanns attaches great importance to the quality of the ducks and geese. For over 20 years, the restaurant has been sourcing the birds from a family-run farm in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. The birds live on pasture all year round and are fed high-quality grain feed. Through this very thoughtful rearing, the flavours remain in the epidermis and shape the taste.

Following an old family recipe, the low-fat ducks and geese at Brechtmanns then become wonderfully crispy on the outside and remain beautifully juicy on the inside. By the way, Brechtmanns also offers "duck and goose to go" for those who prefer to feast at home or would like to convince the in-laws of "their" cooking skills.

Vegetarians are also very well catered for at Brechtmanns. One of the restaurant's hobbyhorses is Asian specialities. Instead of duck, guests can choose Red Thai Curry with Pak Choi, Thai aubergine, lychee, spiced tofu and jasmine rice from the menu. The curry tastes fantastic, very light and fruity - just as it is in Southeast Asian cuisine.

The dessert rounds off this Christmas menu perfectly: chocolate mousse, plums, crumble and homemade ice cream. Dear Brechtmanns, it was a feast!

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Pre-Christmas feelgood meal – duck and goose feast at Brechtmann’s Bistro
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