La Crème de la Crêpe Of mills, flours and apple trees

Tuesday, June 06 2023

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La Crème de la Crêpe
Erzbergerstraße 14
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen
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Jean actually wanted to open a bar in Paris. As a native Parisian, this was an obvious idea. All the more understandable, as Jean was already a barman in the metropolis's nightlife during his student days. Before realising the bar project, Jean still had two years of work in Germany on his agenda.

The planned two-year stay in Hanover and Hamburg has now turned into nine years in Germany. Life is like that when something comes up.

And so today, Jean is not in Paris at the cocktail shaker but baking crêpes in his shop La Crème de la Crêpe, which he has been running successfully for five years. The restaurant's name leaves little ambiguity about what the programme is here. The concept's core is the French buckwheat delicacies, aka crêpes and galettes.

Jean uses only buckwheat flour, water and a pinch of salt to make them. The flour comes from one of the oldest mills in France. There, the grain is still ground with old millstones. This gives the buckwheat flour an even finer, more prosperous and fuller flavour. The mill with the melodious name Moulin de la Fatigue has been producing its flour since 1870 and is proud of its tradition, craft, and buckwheat flour, which it sells throughout Europe.

La Crème de la Crêpe I Galette
La Crème de la Crêpe I Laden

In Hamburg, Jean bakes his works of art with flour from Brittany. For example, a galette with cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Or would you prefer one with Parisian ham, French Emmental and lamb's lettuce? Or the version with French Emmental, fresh tomatoes and herbs de Provence. Or would you prefer duck breast slices, pine nuts, boiled egg, fresh tomatoes and lamb's lettuce?

Whatever you choose, it is simply delicious. The dough of the galettes is nice and fluffy and very slightly crispy on the outside. Guests can put together their own toppings for the sweet crêpes and are spoilt for choice with baked apple, roasted walnuts, wild berry compote, pear compote, chocolate, salted butter caramel, maple syrup or ice cream.

The shop is charmingly decorated and scores with French flair. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, and friendly. The attentive waitress is audibly French, and the speakers play French music from chanson to pop and electro. Outside the door of La Crème de la Crêpe, you can sit on the terrace on warm days or evenings.

The wall is emblazoned with a quote by Marcel Proust from Researches into Lost Time. A la rechereche du temps perdu. Above it hangs a large map of France, clearly showing where which cider comes from.

As a drink to accompany the buckwheat bakery, it is a natural choice in this environment. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements and minerals, this delicious thirst quencher is characterised by its tart, fruity taste and its colours, which range from light yellow to golden yellow to reddish.

Jean also pays attention to quality and tradition when selecting his ciders. He knows his cider producers personally and has travelled to the growing regions. The ciders on offer range in taste from refreshingly tart to sweetly mild. Of course, the ciders are from Brittany, the classic growing region where the best apples for this drink grow. In addition to the ciders, there is a fine selection of Belgian beers, French wines, apéritifs, digestifs and non-alcoholic beverages.

If you're struggling to choose what to eat and drink, just stick to the dishes of the day and follow Jean's advice. That's how we did it, and we did very well. Our résumé: La Crème de la Crêpe is a place to enjoy French specialities, made and served with love for food, tradition and hospitality. À bientôt!

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