Kazunori Kura in the Collectors Room „Just believe in me. It's the only thing that I need.”

Sunday, January 16 2022


Collectors Room
Maria-Louisen-Straße 9
22301 Hamburg-Winterhude
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The Collectors Room, located not far from Aussenalster at Maria-Louisen-Strasse, exhibits the work of young, up-and-coming artists in changing exhibitions. This room was conceived and created by Andrea von Götz, who started out as a collector and, in her own words, stumbled into the art business.

Once there, she discovered a lack of platforms, especially for young artists. This lack of opportunities to make art and artists visible contradicts Andrea von Goetz's concern to bring art closer to the people. Art can be an important, binding element for a society that sees itself as liberal. It points out, draws attention, provokes, questions, and discusses socially relevant issues.

And so, the collector, curator, mediator, and networker has committed to promoting young artists since 2007. In addition, she develops and realizes concepts in the field of art and culture through her office VGS Art Development, founded in 2011, and advises private individuals and companies on the acquisition of contemporary art. 

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Collectors Room Hamburg
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In addition, she is responsible for- and manages the art residence of Bad Gastein's sommer.frische.kunst art festival and has successfully established the artist-in-residence program there. Thanks to her network in the art scene, the sommer.frische.kunst has gone from being an insider tip to a summer hotspot for the art scene. Here, art discoverers can experience young talents and big names up close.

Since 3 December 2021, the exhibition "JUST BELIEVE IN ME. IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT I NEED" with the works of Kazunori Kura takes place at the Collectors Room. Artist Eduardo Palomares describes Kazunori Kura's works as follows: "An artistic and historical interpretation of reality. To understand this reality, he works with the essential aspects of humanity. Religion, symbolism, history, politics and power."

Sitting in front of a white sheet of paper, a piece of material, standing in the landscape, Kazunori wants to create something. Something he can believe in. As multi-layered as Kazunori's works are, so are the techniques he masters and uses. Kazunori Kura works graphically, he sculptures, installs, writes, films, sounds, and so on. To make poetic and fictional structures visible in his works, Kura uses quotations from historical and scientific texts.

There is still some time to discover the works of this exciting young artist in Hamburg. The exhibition at Collectors Room will run at least until the end of January 2022. So hurry up and go there, I would like to shout to you.

"What do you believe in? And what do you rely on to draw? The line extends like a path you are walking. Just like the line is your life." - Excerpt from Vertical Story. Film. July 2019. Kazunori Kura

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Kazunori Kura in the Collectors Room – „Just believe in me. It’s the only thing that I need.”
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