GuteN8 There's No Better Way To Sleep

Saturday, June 28 2014

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm


Rothenbaumchaussee 65
20148 Hamburg-Rotherbaum
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+49 40 41 62 24 48

I cannot tell you whether it was the soothing room fragrance that instantly put me into relaxation mode, or rather the soft, pleasant colors of the ready made bed that welcomed me when I entered the exquisite store on Rothenbaumchaussee. Be it beauty sleep or a good night's rest, on these 100sqm discerning customers will find everything necessary to achieve ultimate relaxation: handmade nightwear by Zimmerli, lounge and home wear by Yellamaris and Grazia'Lliani, Pure Cashmere and Friendly Hunting cashmere knits, beautiful jersey fabrics from Le Perugia Tricot, as well as care products by Feuerstein or Acca Kappa.

The scented candles Arty Fragrance by Elisabeth de Feydeau are just as intriguing as the ones by Irish label Max Benjamin. The centerpiece is the floor-to-ceiling vintage shelf with its almost complete collection of Swiss bed linen manufacturer Christian Fischbacher. Most labels on display at GuteN8 are family- or owner-managed businesses with the highest quality standards and a visible passion for luxury.

GuteN8 Hamburg Nachtwäsche Flip Flops
GuteN8 Hamburg Nachtwäsche Handtücher
GuteN8 Hamburg Nachtwäsche Seife
GuteN8 Hamburg Nachtwäsche Accessoires
GuteN8 Hamburg Nachtwäsche Pyjamas

While I was just falling in love with a pair of mauve wool ballerinas by Pampuschen, I overheard another customer asking for the curtain cloth of the fitting rooms. 'It happens all the time', owner Christoph Bestmann tells me, 'customers regularly ask if they could buy furniture or decorative objects in the store, but unfortunately they are not for sale.'

That excellent taste for interior designs is the very reason why customers, far beyond the borders of Hamburg, employ this business owner's services to consult on their own four walls.

Primarily however, he caters to customers in store – and he does it in the friendliest, most honest and perceptive way possible to make his customers feel understood.

I could have easily stayed around much longer, there is just so much to be discovered at GuteN8. But a cozy evening on the couch was ahead of me, with a new fluffy dressing gown and a lemongras-ginger-scented candle awaiting me at home alongside a good book.

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GuteN8 – There’s No Better Way To Sleep
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