Nachbarin Tiny but wow

Sunday, March 02 2014

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 12.00-19.00
and on appointment


Osterstrasse 8
20259 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
.How to get there


+49 40 448 223

It is always of advantage to have a good neighbour. Mine is not only good, she is excellent! Although I always want something from her. But Christine Bönig, owner of the shop “Nachbarin” in Elmsbüttel is used to the fact that her exquisite range of textiles, which make women more beautiful, is of high demand.

The small shop, founded in 2003 is nowadays a real establishment in the Osterstrasse. It is not only the beautiful displaced clothes, which make you flatten your nose against the shop window, it is Christine Bönig herself. Lively, funny, loving and very empathetic towards the wishes of her female customers, she is the heart of her shop. And she is honest, what I appreciate especially. She tells her customer exactly what looks good on them and what doesn’t.

Elegant fashion from the Dutch labels Alchimist by Caroline Mewe and La Salle, casual from Mandala or jolly from 81hours is presented on only 25 square meters. Sustainability is very important for her. I can hardly walk past Campomaggi’s handbags and glittering jewelry on the till’s counter makes me also really weak.

The good mood of my neighbour is so contagious, that I leave the shop not only beautiful dressed but also absolute cheerfully. I look so much forward to our next neighbourhood chat!

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Nachbarin – Tiny but wow
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