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Wednesday, June 11 2014


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I love good business ideas. Many people come up with one, but it takes even more courage and prowess to go through with it. Susi Leyck is both, courageous and skilled, and has good ideas at that. Her company 'Fein & Fertig' delivers whole meals, home-cooked, individually portioned, and served and sealed in Mason jars. This method ensures preservative- and additive-free food that can be stored for up to three months.

On the website, you can order these heavenly creations, such as a juicy turkey curry with mango and sweet potatoes, or Tafelspitz – a traditionally prime boiled beef – with a mild wasabi sauce and asparagus ragout or eggplant rolls in tomato chutney. Furthermore, you'll find soups and sauces that constantly grow in numbers and vary seasonally. Within Hamburg, the jars are being delivered by the boss herself. Outside of the city, the jars are being delivered the postal way, with a minimum order value of just six jars.

For the longest time, Susi Leyck worked in the advertising business. Balanced meals were rare goods in her stressful job. Greasy pizza and cold sandwiches were the quicker choice on a regular basis. However, after giving birth to a girl in April 2014, healthy eating suddenly became a much higher priority and so she decided to offer solid home-cooked meals, in cooperation with her chef Albrecht Schäfer – with a regional, seasonal and additive-free focus.


The website Gesund & Mutter is Susi Leyck's personal pendant to Fein & Fertig. Since mothers also have a difficult time preparing fresh and healthy meals for themselves during the first months, she made it possible to create individual menus adapted to a young mother's needs.

I was absolutely delighted by the food choices, the idea itself, the charming website and especially by the lovely founder. The mouthwatering Tafelspitz had multiplied in my household – not just because of the occasional lack of time, but because it's just so good!

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Fein & Fertig – Delicious and lovely by the Glass
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