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Saturday, October 26, 2013


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Whittling, cooking, tasting, laughing, seasoning, simmering and enjoying. An evening with friends, good food and all that under professional supervision. What a beautiful alternative for your usual restaurant visit! Eliane Muller does just that, for private parties or business dinners: she proves that eating together is not the sole key to a good night, cooking together is just as valuable.

The Göttingen-born chef took a detour in life to reach her final destination. She started out in the ad industry, but when she won third place in a cooking show in 2010, she realized she had to make her dream come true. She resigned the next day and started interning for restaurants and catering businesses. During that time, she came across the idea to organise cooking parties and combine them with cooking classes. She has not regretted a single minute since she decided to drop everything and make a fresh start at 30.

“I love cooking, because it lets me do things intuitively. During my cooking parties I am in touch with all my guests. I’m free and I don’t run the risk of getting stuck as quickly. There are so many chefs out there who are expected to cook things they dont’ want to cook, and I believe you can actually see and taste that”.


Elli designs her kitchen parties according to the host’s wishes. Be it at your own home or on location, whether it’s for a birthday, a company christmas party or an anniversary, with themes from Africa and children’s birthday to cake battle - her parties are an unforgettable event, no exception, and they all have one thing in common: they bring pure joy into cooking together!

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Elli Cooks – Hamburg’s Chef To Go
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