Champagne in lemon yellow The Krug x Lemon Popup at Jellyfish

Wednesday, July 19 2023

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Krug X Lemon takes place at the Jellyfish from 27 to 30 July from 6:00pm


Weidenallee 12
20357 Hamburg-Schanzenviertel
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From 27 to 30 July 2023, the Jellyfish in Hamburg's Weidenallee will be transformed into a lemon-yellow Krug x Lemon restaurant! On these days, Jellyfish will celebrate and pay homage to the majesty in the yellow robe, aka the lemon.

Maison Krug and the Jellyfish invite you to the festivities. The occasion: Every year, the champagne house Krug puts a simple, single ingredient at the centre of their culinary diversity. This year it is the lemon. The popular citrus fruit grows in countless shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. Panached lemons with pink flesh are among them, or Buddhas Hands, which exude a lavender-like scent. From country to country, cuisine to cuisine - lemons are a remarkable peculiarity in global cuisine.

Based on this flavourful diversity and abundance, star chef and Krug Ambassade Stefan Fäth and his team will prepare an exclusive menu served on three evenings from Thursday to Saturday. On Saturday, guests can also indulge themselves at lunchtime. On Sunday evening, the Krug x Lemon Restaurant closes with a glorious kitchen party.

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To accompany Stefan Fäth's creations on the table and plate during this time, visitors can choose a matching champagne accompaniment from Krug. For the Maison Krug, founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, champagne should illustrate the special expression of nature.

To produce such champagnes, Joseph Krug closely observed vineyards and their characteristics and built up a library of reserve wines from different years. This unusual approach enabled Joseph Krug to realise his dream of making the best champagne. Today, cellar master Julie Cavil can draw on around 400 individual wines that capture the essence of each parcel.

So enjoyment on all levels is guaranteed at the Krug x Lemon restaurant, which opens its doors in the Weidenallee from 27 to 30 July.

And for those who would like to cook their own lemon delicacies, we recommend "The zest is yet to come". A cookbook with 112 original recipes by Krug Ambassade chefs from 25 countries. It features illustrious German names such as Christian Bau, Stefan Fäth, Jörg Müller, Tim Raue and Bernhard Reiser, as well as international chefs such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Hélène Darroze, Umberto Bombana, Björn Frantzén, Juan Amador and Heiko Nieder.

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Champagne in lemon yellow – The Krug x Lemon Popup at Jellyfish
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